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    Wyatt and Valerie

      Hey all, we are curious to here from anyone who leaves there boat in the water all winter. What sort of preparation or winterization do you do? I have a True North heater with an anti-freeze setting I will run in the boat, and will be pulling the main and tying up a boom tent to shed a bit of snow. What else should I be doing? Thanks, Wyatt and Val ( Nauti Nuff Time ).


      Hi Wyatt and Valerie,

      My boat is not in the water over winter. If it were in the water, then I would want to check the boat regularly for moisture, ensure the plumbing hasn’t frozen and the batteries are fully charged. I store our seat and birth cushions indoors, which may not be necessary if you are going to take the boat out for a run fairly often. Lift the motor up is good practice anytime in a marina due to potential electrical currents from other crafts.

      The biggest problem for marinas is THEFT. The following link is from Pacific Yachting “STOP THIEF! WINTER TIPS FOR BOAT SECURITY”

      See you at the dinner. I want to pick your brain on minor repairs and gel coating.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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