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      July long weekend Commodore Cruise
      saynomore, Fri Jun 13 2008, 07:18PM

      WE are all heading out to Saturna Island… to check out a Winery, and some members a lamb roast offered by the local residents. From there we are heading out to ???? Where do you want to go… suggestions have been made and we are compiling your request. Once on the water we are heading somewhere… out there… in the Gulf Islands. I love mystery cruises… the captain and the sea… treasures of the Gulfs…. MacGregors and adventures 2008.

      Post your interest, suggestion…. Don’t just read this… Type something!!!!

      Re: July long weekend Commodore Cruise
      Mover, Sun Jun 15 2008, 09:58PM

      Not far away is Poet’s Cove with a heated pool and hot tub overlooking the Marina.
      That would be South Pender Island.
      On a good ebb tide you can get there from Saturna, no sail or motor necessary.
      So many places………….. so little………….. …..

      Re: July long weekend Commodore Cruise
      Kermie, Mon Jun 23 2008, 08:29PM

      It now looks as though the Lamb B-B-Q on Saturna is a no-go. It is being held as usual on July 1st which is a Tuesday and also the day on which most boaters will be heading home. So much for Saturna! Alternate plans anyone?? Gail & I will be heading out of Pt. Roberts to….. on Sunday since most of Saturday will be relegated to getting our boat back in the water and packed to go somewhere. It will be a two night three day excursion somewhere. We are tentatively thinking perhaps the northern San Juans, Roche/Garrison Bay or another marina with facilities. Peter mentioned Poets Cove which also has customs for those from Pt. Roberts, good suggestion. Anyone else up for ideas?

      Re: July long weekend Commodore Cruise
      saynomore, Tue Jun 24 2008, 05:59AM

      This is a preliminary plan.
      The Commodores Cruise is now in motion:

      Group A: Point Roberts: Members are talking about leaving either Friday early, some late, and one or two on Saturday morning: All will meet at a clearing customes location.

      Group B: I suggest we meet around English Bay Friday Night. Then choices, if currents and weather is in our favor. Head (1) to Silva Bay. (2) Head to Porlier pass then montegue Harbour.

      Saturday: either meet up with everyone at a designated location or both parties meet in Sidney. From there take a bus ride and check out the Tall Ships.

      Sunday: We have suggestions for Poets Cove, Ganges, Prevost Island.

      Monday: head to Winters cove on Saturna

      Saturna: the Lamb Rost is not out of the question, Members that want to check it out are welcome to do so, Just be there early as the Lamb sells out fast. Ohters like me will opt for the Saturna winery, they have fine wine and a bistro that also serves lamb.

      Tuesday we split up again: Grp A head back to point Roberts.
      Grp B to Porlier Pass or if a good flood Georgia to English Bay.

      This is the begining of this week end planning.

      Share your Thoughts, recommendations.

      Tell us who is joining the Commodore on the Commodores Cruise Weekend.

      Happy Sails.

      Re: July long weekend Commodore Cruise
      Seaworthy, Wed Jun 25 2008, 02:35PM

      Kath and I will be heading over to the southern gulf islands this weekend. We will try to be down around Saturn on Monday. I got to fix a couple things on the boat before we go. We will be monitoring the radio on 16. Hope to hear from a few of you. My Cell is 604 760 9552 also.

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