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      Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      , Tue Apr 15 2008, 11:33PM

      Good evening fellas,

      I’m new to this forum. I understand a good number od Mac owners keep their boats in P. Roberts.

      I had mine in Reed Point for 2 years, but got tired of the motoring to open seas past Stanley Park. It’s now in my driveway.

      I love Indian Arm for quick getaways, that’s the main attractive for having the boat in Reed Point, I invite familly or friends for a day to see the waterfalls and it’s great.

      I’ve been to the Gulf Islands a few times, and it is lovely too, but it takes a long day to get there, and another one to get back. From Point Roberts is a lot closer. I live in North Surrey, and right now I feel undecided, the long drive, the border crossing.

      Anyone in similar circumstances? Do you use your Mac more in P R?

      Thanks a bunch!!!!!


      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      Sea Shell, Wed Apr 16 2008, 04:13AM

      We love Point Roberts.

      We have just moored our 26S Classic down there, and so far we love it. We had our boat last summer near the River Rock in Richmond. We had a long trip down the river each time we went out. Now its 2 minutes and we are in the big water. Its a great jump off point to so many fabulous areas. White Rock, Blaine and Bellingham, the San Juans, and the Gulfs. The gas is 25 cents less a liter, and the cool ones are half the price. Just think of the savings. (ha, ha). Anyway, moorage is reasonable and its a very layed back local to start from, so we are looking forward to fun and games down at Point Bob. We’ve been in the water for a month and already had 4 days out!!! See ya at D57!


      Glen Hodgkinson
      92′ 26S Classic “Sea Shell”

      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      NautiMoments, Wed Apr 16 2008, 08:36AM

      We also moor at Point Roberts and love it, it is nice and close to the San Juans and the Gulf Islands. We have Nexus so have not found the border to be a problem, definately worth getting, Nexus makes it much easier when clearing into and out of Canada and the US on the water. Without it …. the clearing ports are extremely limited.

      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      saynomore, Wed Apr 16 2008, 08:49AM

      Well Jaime,
      If you miss the falls at Rocky point give me a call, i’m still at Rocky Point. I need that quick escape after a long day. But like many of you that have been shuffled out so that they can bring in bigger boats I know the burden of the cost. Many members and past rocky point mariners have told that Point Roberts is a better option… for real sailors as NautiMoments would say it!!! Go for it, it’s cheaper, cheaper venues, and ready for the Big Blue.
      Commodor e, MYCBC

      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      , Wed Apr 16 2008, 12:01PM

      Glen, saynomore, and Nautimoments,

      Thanks for the info and the encouragement. Sounds reasonable to go to PR. Definitely beer at half price is the decisive factor here.

      I guess I still can lift the boat, and trailer it to Rocky Point on occasion. But, boy, being new, I find (and the captain) the rigging at the ramp a chore, but we’re getting better, though I recently discovered that the more beer I drink, the faster the rigging. Hard to explain. My wife thinks otherwise, without scientific proof (drink some).

      BTW, is there a launch ramp in PR?

      Also, the Nexus card, do I get a permit for Canada, and another (card) to go to the US?



      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      NautiMoments, Wed Apr 16 2008, 04:21PM

      There is a boat ramp at lighthouse park a short distance away from the marine or you can have it lifted in at the marine for a fee (can’t remember how much). The Nexus card is good for both directions and now covers land, sea and air. You can find more info on the website.

      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      , Wed Apr 16 2008, 10:42PM

      Thanks again for the info NautiMoments. The government web site seems to indicate getting a Nexus card it’s a simple step.

      I also checked the ramp you mentioned, with Google maps, and bingo, it’s right there.

      Do most/some Mac owners leave their trailers at the PR marina?


      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      NautiMoments, Thu Apr 17 2008, 07:35AM

      They used to always leave it at the marina when it was free to do so, now they charge a monthly fee to do that… not sure what most do.

      Re: Is Point Roberts the right spot?
      Kermie, Sun Apr 27 2008, 07:07PM

      Keep your boat in your driveway until the weather cooperates, then try Pt Roberts. Be advised they pro-rate charges by the day if you don’t launch right on the first of the month. They also advertise a 6 month term but will not sell it o you until April 1 of each year, even one day early they will pro-rate it and charge you the day, even if it is 4:00pm March 31 they will charge you an extra day. Not very customer freindly with thier rates. Also keep in mind it may be more difficult to invite freinds as they will also require credentials to cross the border. Gail & I slip there every year for the last five and really like the location and convenience not to mention the added security of the border which keeps out undesirables. They have had more customer oriented management in the past but this year the new ones are more focused on profit. But as they say in real estate ‘Location, Location, Location and Pt Roberts wins hands down in this respect. You definitely need a Nexus & CanPass.

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