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      Insurance recommendation
      Ehud M, Sat Jul 06 2013, 04:28PM

      Insurance for boat (26c) & trailer recommendation? I’ve been charged last year $320, need to renew it but thought about asking here first, Thanks

      Re: Insurance recommendation
      Sea Shell, Mon Jul 15 2013, 09:28AM

      Hey Ehud!
      I have a 26S Classic as well and am paying about the same amount as you! I am a Canadian Power and Sail member and am dealing with Cowan out of Toronto. The rate is a little lower but only a few dollars. That sounds like a reasonable rate!

      Re: Insurance recommendation
      Ehud M, Mon Jul 15 2013, 09:59AM


      Re: Insurance recommendation
      Perdidos, Fri Jul 19 2013, 01:17AM

      Another 26S here.

      Through Shaw Sabey in Vancouver, and added to my home owners policy, I am paying $222 for a value of $12,000 for boat and trailer combined. It’s an all risk policy and subject to a $500 deductible.

      Re: Insurance recommendation
      Sea Shell, Fri Jul 19 2013, 12:34PM

      Hey Perdidos!

      Make sure your policey covers trips into US waters, as we used to have it on home owners insurance, but they did not cover travel into the US. We did a couple of trips down before we found out we weren’t covered! Pays to make sure!

      Re: Insurance recommendation
      Windchime, Fri Jul 19 2013, 01:55PM

      As per our certified insurance advisors advice (Leisa), we have separate policies for the boat and the house.

      We pay a slight premium for the boat insurance being separate but if we have to make a claim(s) we know it will not affect our house insurance premiums.

      As we all know insurance is a numbers game and plays on each individuals comfort and risk:)

      Re: Insurance recommendation
      Ehud M, Fri Jul 19 2013, 11:43PM

      Thanks for the info, I had to renew it 2 days ago and paid as the previous year, next year I’ll try to find somethig better for less $.
      As usuall, we pay for it and hope not to use it.

      Rick & Sue

        Where does everyone insure their Macs?

        Is there a discount for MYCBC members?

        I have liability insurance and that makes the marina happy, but I’d like some insurance for me and my boat. I tried through my home insurance agent and it was daunting and impersonal, which is not confidence building(if they’re not knowledgeable and friendly then what will they be like if you file a claim?!)

        Thanks in advance for your advice,


        Rick & Sue

          Hi Willy,
          I moved your post to this thread as it has some historical information on insurance. I Believe that the club has a discount with Hub insurance that Saynomore negotiated with their N Van office. I investigated a couple years ago and got a better deal with Beacon through my house insurance agent in Maple ridge. We pay $440 for about $40 000 worth of insurance. Read the cautions in the posts above about making sure your policy covers you in US and other places you may go. Some do not cover “rivers” so entering Fraser becomes questionable. Be sure to do your homework.


            Our 1995 MacGregor 26X is also insured with Beacon Insurance for $ 343 per year with the following:

            Hull and Machinery: $ 14,000
            Outboard Engine: $ 6,000

            Deductibles are $ 250 for each item.
            Copy of Beacon Insurance Terms attached for your reference. If you review them and find something that is significant and we may have overlooked, post it in the forum.


              Ok, the Beacon Insurance Terms and Conditions file was too big to attach to the forum thread. Instead I uploaded it to Downloads-Members – Reference


                So far I have a quote from Shaw Sabey for $350/year for $15,500value with $250deductible. It may be less as I did submit more info today.

                Heard back from Hub who sent me an application for Beacon who have a tick box for CPS so maybe a good price there.

                So far no one is seeming to care that I have a GPS enabled DSC Radio MMSI and Radio operator certificate.

                I wonder what the bulk of their claims are for if you’re ability to get out a Mayday isn’t a point in your favor?


                  Hub quoted me $342/yr for insurance through Beacon. Reading the policies I think I like the Beacon one better.

                  Shaw Sabey uses Pacific Marine Underwriters.

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