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      HUB membership boat insurance
      saynomore, Wed Sep 10 2008, 09:34PM

      I am negotiating Club membership boat insurance with HUB>

      I need form each member who you are insured with and which branch.

      Especially if you are insured with HUB.

      I am presently in discussions with my Paul Mendham of HUB setting up a club discount program.

      Thanks for your prompt assistance in this matter. Please forward the information via email:

      Commo dore, MYCBC

      Re: HUB membership boat insurance
      saynomore, Sat Sep 26 2009, 03:49AM

      i got my insurance papers today and found my discount not applied.
      I called right away and 8% discount was adjusted to my account.
      Please check your renewals.
      Membership has it’s privileges, take advantage of it.


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