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    Steve & Cathy

      I find myself, shamelessly upset that i introduced the club to “honda mechanics” when so much shabby work was done to mine.

      Lesson learned. Know your boat, learn the mechanics of your motor, get ready to get greasy and do the work. this way you can trust it got done right.

      Motor tilt assembly, Honda wanted $3800 to replace it, couldn’t not get rebuilt as casing was pitted. Reason for pitting, zinc did not get replaced, Honda takes up to 3 months to get parts, so mechanics will spray paint the old with aluminum paint to get it out the door to your schedule. Repair JB Weld application, filled the pitting and stopped the leaking cost $20.
      Zinc motor bracket on transom: Honda $65, 3week wait… One marine in langley, after market same exact part, $16 next day delivery.
      Zinc motor trim plate: Honda $85 3-6 weeks delivery. Steveston marine, Mercury trim plate (need to grind off back tab) $8.95.

      Make sure you use marine goop 5100 to seal all penetrating through haul bolts, to protect against leaking.
      Oil replacement in motor tilt-trim use Castrol gear case oil..

      Don’t be afraid to shop for aftermarket parts. you will find them to be better than 2/3 the manufactured prices.

      big thanks to Rich and my wife for helping me out.


        So Steve, who is the Honda mechanic that is giving you grief? Is it the Honda Centre on 1st Ave just off Boundary Road in Burnaby? I get my engine serviced there every 2-3 years and it usually runs about $600.00 give or take. I still have my original zinc above the prop but the motor bracket one probably needs replacing, I’ll double check it.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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