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      Sweet Victory!

      Wasn’t sure if it’d pull it – but it does! Got ‘Electron Cloud’ (soon to be ‘Bachus’) out of the marina last weekend and into winter storage for a myriad of mod attempts over the coming months…

      USDA has Elements rated for 1500lbs.. but in Australia they’re 3000lbs if trailer has assist brakes. Felt pretty solid up to 60km/hr, anything beyond could feel the near 50/50 balance between ‘truck’/trailer… thus gonna keep to local roads and borrow a friend’s truck for more serious hauls.

      Gotta say I’m amused by the look.

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      That’s great news Bachus.

      This is one of the best advantages of owning a trailer-sailor, towing it with a car that can fit in the cockpit!

      But she is safe and sound now for you to customize all those dream upgrades over the winter. And remember … drilling holes in a boat is okay – as long as they are above the water line 🙂



        Nice Work.

        I would echo the truck from a friend concept, we ended up purchasing a new vehicle when we bought ours. the rating for our Saturn Vue was 3500lbs but that is the max, and you are only meant to tow 80% of the max tow weight. You certainly can tow up to the max, but it is a massive trade off in safety, braking and fuel economy. Sure the boat says 2500lbs and the trailer 1000lbs, what is not taken into consideration is what is all aboard, gas, gear, etc.

        I have a great story about the previous owner of our boat and determining the weight of the boat if you ever want to hear it.

        We ended up with a VW Touareg TDI, and EXTREMELY happy with it. With 406 ft/lbs of torque you can hardly feel the boat on execration.

        One thing I would add, that as trailer sailors and towing a boat, it is as much our responsibility to ensure our own safety, as well as that of the general public we are driving with and around. If our cars and tow are unsafe, we put the lives of not only ourselves, but others at risk.

        Looks good though, I have our kitchen ripped out in hopes to make use and fix the terrible attempt at a kitchen Mac made. As well as Stereo, speakers, battery charger, and hopefully overall storage, oh and probably relocation pumping and water pumps


        Our 2000-X weighs 4500 pound.

        Includes trailer and boat loaded for cruising, full fuel, water, wine & rum, etc. plus luggage and flip-flops for two weeks.

        We have a truck scale near our house 🙂

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