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    Hatch and tracks
    saynomore, Sat Jul 07 2012, 06:34PM

    Darry presented a problem with a leak in Saltspring telling me that the hatches as we keep gliding to open and close wears out the glass and creates holes that leak.

    When we got home and started cleaning the boat, I could not beleive the crud that builds up in there.

    So take the time the cleen deep around the hatches, tracks and even anything that is attached to glass. Tooth brushes as cheap at the dollar store and allows you to reach these little edges and sunken tracks. Wax you track well to keep the glide and space away from rubbling glass on glass. And because your using WAX means clean often as dirt gets into the wax… you got another form of grinder.

    Re: Hatch and tracks
    MaxEntropy, Mon Jun 17 2013, 09:50AM

    There’s a discussion of that very topic on Macgregorsailors.com with a few different approaches to remediation:

    http:// http://www.macgregorsailors .com/forum/ viewtopic.php? f=9&t=21829

    – Nick

    Re: Hatch and tracks
    Gemini, Wed Jun 19 2013, 09:54AM

    I have just installed Teflon tape, available at Lee Valley Tools. The hatch now slides so easily I have to remember not to shove too hard or it pounds my inner handle into the front of the companionway. It is nice and quiet now. It remains to be seen how long it lasts. I will keep you all posted.

    Re: Hatch and tracks
    Mystic Rose, Wed Jul 17 2013, 04:22PM


    I saw your tape at Port Ludlow, and tried to get the hdpe? high density plastic tape locally. No luck. I finally found a place online, about $9 for 10 foot. I pulled the hatch all the way out of the track and put a strip about four foot on each side. Seems to be working ok. Will see how it works over the summer and next spring. Its a lot quieter and slides better.

    Thanks for the tip, Rick

    Re: Hatch and tracks
    Windspiration, Thu Jul 18 2013, 07:28AM

    I went with velcro that is sticky on one side. I was worried it would come off but several months and a couple of trips later there are no signs of it coming off. No more grinding opening and closing the hatch!

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