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    Harrison Lake
    Kermie, Tue Feb 12 2008, 01:59PM

    Has anyone sailed their Macgregor on Harrison Lake?
    On the map it appears to be the largest lake within reasonable towing distance unless one is willing to tow all day. I have never lake sailed before and am curious as to the viability of sailing on Harrison Lake. How strong are prevailing winds and what would be the prevailing direction? Is it worth the drive or am I better off just staying with the coast and the PNW. Just thinking of a change of scenery for now.

    Re: Harrison Lake
    Dee Seas, Tue Feb 12 2008, 02:26PM

    This club used to have an annual cruise to Harrison Lake years ago. We would launch out of the Hot Springs and sail to Rainbow Cove where we would raft up for the night. The next day continue to Long Island? I think that’s the name, where there is a large dock and moor overnight. We had to get permission from the Harrison Lake Yacht Club or Power Squadron can’t recall, because it’s was their dock. Anyway, maybe a future club cruise? End of season rinse the boat and motor off cruise.

    Re: Harrison Lake
    saynomore, Tue Feb 12 2008, 07:29PM

    We have members and Mac owners on Harrison lake, I hear it has fair winds, and strong winds about 4pm. It is a big lake with much to explore and fun beaches for swimming and picnics. And if we are lucky at the far end you might even see the illusive Sasquatch. That is if your not too busy fishing..

    Definitaly a place to put on our to do list. Bring it up at the meeting Mach 1st.


    Re: Harrison Lake
    Mystic Rose, Tue Feb 12 2008, 07:32PM

    HI All,

    I would like to sail there or more east. If we could set up a cruise there, I would sure like to attend.

    We have been to Lake Chelan, Lake Roosevelt, along the Columbia, and in Lake Pend Oreille. We sure like the warm fresh water and lower humidity.

    Re: Harrison Lake
    Dee Seas, Wed Feb 13 2008, 11:12AM

    I don’t know about the “warm fresh water” as I believe Harrison is glacier fed! Brrrrr, but you can jump in first and let me know.Ha,Ha

    Re: Harrison Lake
    NautiMoments, Fri Feb 15 2008, 10:32AM

    It might be fun to go to Harrison for a weekend outing….

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