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      I am new to sailing my MacX with the 50 hp Honda, circa 1999, and I am wondering what I can expect for range on my 12 gallons of fuel? Thanks. Richard

      Kelvin Dueck

        First, all of this is dependent on wind and current. I have a 60 HP Yamaha, and I can get around 50 nautical miles at 13 knots (ballast out), and around 75+ nautical miles at 6 knots (ballast in).


          Thanks Kelvin, and is that on 12 gallons of fuel? My confusion is that Google searches suggest a 50 HP motor should consume 5 gallons an hour, and at say 7knots, that would suggest only about Lund 8 miles for 5 gallons! I know I must be thinking about this incorrectly! Help?


            5 Gallons per hour would be at a specific RPM and load. We on Macgregors typically run at lower RPM and lower loads than other boats because most of us run at ~6 knots (hull speed) so our fuel consumption per hour is relatively low. Assuming no current or wind I would be surprised if you use more than 2 gallons per hour at 6knots and will likely be FAR less than that, probably less than 1 gallon per hour. Let’s assume a worst case scenario of 2 gallons per hour at 6 knots so 12 gallons multiplied by 6 knots = a range of 24 nautical miles. That is probably worst case though and in reality you will probably burn less than 1 gallon per hour and have a range of 50+ nautical miles with 12 gallons. With all of that being said if you run at WOT (wide open throttle, meaning as fast as your motor can go) you could probably burn 5 gallons per hour or more and have a range of between 15 and 20 nautical miles. There are a lot of variables (wind, current, waves etc) and each engine and boat will be different.

            Kelvin Dueck

              What Darren said above.
              Also: just a reminder (since you mentioned that you are new to Macs), if you are motoring at more than 6 knots, you MUST raise your centerboard and rudders out of the water.


                Thanks to you all for your informative and reassuring responses. I have every intention of motoring along at a relaxed pace at 2000-2500 RPM most of the time, and will of course be monitoring my fuel consumption specific to my motor and boat, but your information gives me a good guide.
                Mush appreciated,


                We have a MacGregor 26X and I also did some repeated testing during longer trips related to fuel consumption. We came up with the following:

                – 1999 Yamaha 4 Stroke 50 hp carbureted engine
                – No wind or currents, relatively calm seas
                – Ballast in
                – Traveling at about 2,500 rpm at about 6 knots
                – 2 people and gear on board

                1.75 nautical miles (3.2 km) per liter

                (One 12 gal tank – using 40 liters of it since the last few liters are not usable – lasts for about 70 nautical miles)

                We also traveled with another MacGregor 26X this summer. It had a brand new Honda 50 hp engine. With similar conditions as stated above, they were closer to 4 km per liter from what I remember. Besides being a newer engine, I think that fuel injected engines are more efficient.


                  Wow! Such a wonderful and detailed response! Thanks everyone, and I think I have enough data to feel comfortable now with what I can expect. Thanks again all.
                  I will likely start a new topic, but my next question is concerning autohelms for the 26X, or other ways of rigging temporary self steering systems so I can single hand sail and leave the helm for short periods of time? Ideas?
                  Thanks again, Richard

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