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      We’re new to our Mac26X and need to provide the galley and head faucets with fresh water.
      Any suggestions on best approach, collapsible versus hard container? It seems like tubing from the pump-faucet to reservoir (say 5 gal) should have a permanent connection on each end.
      Thus, for example, I’m puzzled as to how the collapsible (e.g., Reliance Products) 5 gal containers (seen at West Marine and Blue Water) work in this mode, as one would need to twist the permanent-connected tubing to remove the cap for filling.
      Are there some better options out there?

      Kelvin Dueck

        I went with these:

        They were a little pricier than some of the ones I found at Canadian Tire, but I found them to be much sturdier. I just clamped the hose from the sink onto the jugs with some stainless steel hose clamps. It worked fine.


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