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      Favourite Marine Store
      Sailing Dudes, Tue May 04 2010, 09:45PM

      I’m sure everyone has their favourite marine store and the main reason I like going to Martin’s Marine (3rd and Londsdale in North Van) are prices. DrizAir crystals I’m sure we all use are about $8 for a jug (the same one at Steveston sells for $12) and many other itmes I’ve bought/checked are in a range of 30% less (many times over sale prices at Steveston and West Marine). They are even cheaper than POPEYE’s in North Van (I’m sure everyone has been to POPEYE’s Marines Exchange at least once). I keep my boat in North Van so it’s convinient but I also live close by West and Steveston’s and am able to cros-check the prices.
      Spring is coming and I’m sure everyone is headed to a marine store – hope this helps make your $ sail further

      Re: Favourite Marine Store
      Sea Shell, Wed May 05 2010, 08:09AM

      WestMarine Richmond, has GREAT staff, always happy to help you out and catch up on whats new with you on the water. If they don’t have it in the store, they will get it for you in a couple of days. Prices are a little high, but quality and service usually make up the difference. Mairiner Exchange in Richmond has a diverse selection of used nicks and nacks at very good prices, and the owner is a real character! Be prepared to spend some time rooting around in the store to find those gems! Steveston marine, and Nikka are a great resource too. Richmond has lots to offer when it comes to filling your marine supply needs.
      Did anyone ever get to GI Joes in Bellingham before it closed a year or so ago? It was the BIGGEST sporting goods store I have ever seen. Boats, Guns, Hockey, Guns, Baseball, Guns…….. It was a true American Mega Sports store. The building was origonally home to 6-8 skating rinks before it became a sports store. (Acerage) And prices!!!! Wow. Too bad it folded up. See Ya out on the Water this summer!

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