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    Hello All,
    I have a 70hp Suzuki, 4 stroke and the oil warning light started flashing (no beeps). The oil was changed about 7 months ago and has had maybe 10 hours on it since then. Its clean (like Canola oil) and about middle of dipstick.
    Is it OK just to top up and reset warning or do i need to change it??


    We have a 2000 Suzuki 50 hp.

    If the oil is clean and only 10 hours on it, I would just top it up.

    But maybe newer 70 hps are different. I think Gemini and Ohama both have newer Suzuki 70 hp’s and may give you better advice.



    It sounds like they forgot to reset the oil change warning light. My 2010 suzuki did that to me in the middle of Desolation Sound last summer. Once I finished panicking and checked the oil level, I remembered about the warning system. Flashing light every .3 sec and a double beep every 5 sec if the engine is not running but ignition switch is on. After making sure the oil level was okay, I reset the warning system and then changed the oil when I got home. Mine beeped and flashed? Does your manual say it should be beeping or is that just my model? If everything looks ok I would top up the oil carefully as you don’t want to over fill and reset the warning system. Good luck.


    Just out of curiosity, can you confirm that when you move your ignition from the off position to the on position (without starting the motor) that there is one long beep? That will confirm the warning buzzer is working. When you do that all of the ‘idiot’ lights should come on as well.



    The idiot lights get me everytime!
    Yes, when I switch to on there is an audible beep and all the lights flash. When the engine was running, the warning light flashes but there was no beeping.
    Thanks for your ideas everyone.


    Is the light flashing at a steady rate? If there is a regular pattern it may be self diagnostic codes. Example 4flashes pause then 3 flashes is a fuel injector code.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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