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      depth sounder installation
      Rob Roodenburg, Mon Jan 18 2010, 12:07PM

      I am going to install a depth sounder in our 2009M.
      My plan is to mount the transponder on the inside wall of a piece of 6″ diam. pvc pipe which will be shaped to the hull bottom and siliconed. The location I am thinking of is on the portside of the water ballast beside the centreboard housing. That way it is as much forward as possible and accessible from the seating hatch.
      A small hole for the wire in the side of the pipe will be siliconed shut. The pipe will be filled with RV-antifreeze. A lid on the pipe will be sealed, so no air will remain in the pipe. The transponder should work this way.
      Some people suggest to fill the pipe with vegetable oil. I checked with the Sikoflex manufacturer and they do not guarantee the sealant when it is in continuous contact with oil. The depthsounder manufacturer suggested antifreeze or water if in a no-freeze area.
      Are there any suggestions to do a better installation?

      Re: depth sounder installation
      Coastal Drifter, Sun Jan 24 2010, 12:10PM

      Rob, I have a “shoot through” tranducer. We have a MacGregor “Classic” so I have it mounted inside the locker at the stern. The instructions that came with mine said to fill the tube with mineral oil, which is what I did. It is secured to the hull with silicone. It’s been there two years and hasn’t leaked yet.


      Re: depth sounder installation
      Rob Roodenburg, Sun Jan 24 2010, 02:12PM

      Thanks Ron.
      I will use the mineral oil as well. Being thicker, it will move slower than anti-freeze in case of some air getting into the chamber.

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