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      Cruising Destinations for 2008 Sailing Season
      Kermie, Mon Feb 11 2008, 02:20PM

      Gunkholing or Marinas what are your preferences?
      I am looking for membership suggestions as to where you would like to see some group sails. I would like to establish a list of destinations for the San Juans in USA and another for the Canadian Gulf Islands.
      Gail & I have done some exploring in the San Juans and have some of our own suggestions but would like to hear more from others. One of our favourite stops enroute of a San Juan tour is Friday Harbour! You can get a visitor slip here or just anchor out at one end, plenty of room for both and hassle free. Friday Harbour has something to offer for everyone, wether it be quiet relaxation anchored at the north end or visiting the shops on land. For those that shop till they drop (Ladies) there is no shortage of shops, from groceries to clothes to antiques and trading posts, marine stores and restaurants and tourist shops, Friday Harbour will have you entranced, be sure to have your credit card handy.
      Friday is to the SanJuans as Ganges is to the Gulf Islands they are both the main stores replenishment and entertainment centers.
      To name a few others in the San Juans; Deer Harbour is a quaint/rustic little marina with more than enough protected space to anchor out or one can get a slip for shower use. They have a nice reataurant a short walk up the road or you can take the shuttle bus into the little town of East Sound and explore the shops.
      For those with children and a bit of extra spare cash Rosario has much to offer in the entertainment venues with Mansion tours and presetations to outdoor pools for children and another for adults with a swim up bar. (it is not as expensive as some would imply it is). Lots of room to stretch out your legs and play.
      Blakely is a nice little stop over but geared more to slips than anchoring, it has nice picnic grounds with a view and a nice little store that has something for everyone.
      Roche Harbour was another one of our stops and for those who prefer to anchor there Garrison Bay is just a dinghy run around the corner where there is space for 100 boats. Garrison is a quiet state park where the young or young at heart can stretch their legs and hike around. Roche has its’ own attractions (showers, stores, restaurant) not least of which is a hike to the mosoleum and surrounding areas, lots to explore in this old turn of the century location.
      There are a few more we would like to visit next time – Fisherman’s Bay being one of them and honerable mention goes to Sucia as it is the popular annual September weekend get together. (no showers).
      Gulf Islands – we have only explored the southern portions and hope to get to some of the northern destinations this season. We took the time to circle Prevost Island and discovered it has some attractive little bays for gunkholing and it is close enough to Ganges to make a quick provisions run. Pender Island has a few nice stops, Poets Cove has a nice pool and hot tub, showers, store and reastaurant even if it does cater to the rich & famous. Otter Bay was a nice stop, very clean pool & showers plenty of room for anchoring or get a slip.
      Montegue appears to be very popular, it has a few slips available but mostly a big anchorage with a marine park and conveniently located around corner from the west end of Active Pass.
      We stopped at Maple Bay while circumnavigating SaltSpring and found it had the cleanest and finest restrooms/showers anywhere. We enjoyed dinner at the local reataurant which appeared to be the inside hull of a large ship.
      Thetis/Telegraph Harbour was as far north as we got and it also caters to both marina rats and gunkholers alike.
      For those who enjoy high end marinas with all the amenities Sydney ranks right up there, very nice with shops, showers, stores and marine supplies.
      Victoria Harbour has been getting some press lately and though I have not ventured around the southern portion of the island it sounds to be an exciting destination to make way into Victoria inner harbour. Whle in the neighborhood perhaps a stop over in the Sannich Inlet to visit the Butchart Gardens may appeal to some.
      There are also many destinations to explore in the northern Gulf islands and though I have not been, Pirates Cove is one of the ones on my list as is Newcastle.
      There has also been some interest generated for Desolation Sound and I have watched the boat show presentation on it twice now and am getting eager to check it out with a couple other boats along for company. Towing to Lund and launching from there seems to be the most prudent advice so far. I understand one of our previous members Bill Metcalf and family are the new proprietors there. Gail & I have July already scheduled with our employers so we are committed to the 3 weeks preceeding the August long weekend if we should decide to go.
      Someone else mentioned they are planning a trip to the Broughtons, I saw a good article in Pacific Yachting on it and have the copy at home.
      There are a few more long weekends to fill in for cruising fun so don’t hesitate to post your ideas and preferences so that we can get started with the planning stages. I can say from experience that when we get a raft up of several boats or more the fun really gets going, we had 13 boats rafted up at Sucia one year and the blind dinghy races were a hoot.
      Ahoy for now and hope to see some more activity on this website.
      S/V Kermie

      Re: Cruising Destinations for 2008 Sailing Season
      Dee Seas, Mon Feb 11 2008, 02:47PM

      Hi Terry
      As we discussed at the show I”m interested in a “group crossing” of the Straight having never done it before and I’am sure there are some newbies and not so newbies who would be interested. Destination whereever as this trip would be about the journey.

      Re: Cruising Destinations for 2008 Sailing Season
      saynomore, Tue Feb 12 2008, 07:51PM

      At the show among members we talked about a possible Gulf Island wine tour. see attached info
      Vineyards on the Gulf Islands
      Gabriola Island Winery Gabriola Island
      Carbrea Vineyard & Winery Hornby Island
      Hornby Island Winery Hornby Island
      Middle Mountain Mead Hornby Island
      Morning Bay Estate Winery Pender Island
      Garry Oaks Winery Saltspring Island
      Salt Spring Vineyards Saltspring Island
      Saturna Island Vineyards Saturna Island
      Thetis Island Vineyards Thetis Island

      On Saturna are the Saturna Island Vineyards, the only island vineyard and winery in Canada with a resort and restaurant facilities. On Salt Spring Island, be sure to visit Salt Spring Vinyeards and Garry Oaks Winery, located between Ganges and Fulford Harbour. To the northwest of Saturna Island is Thetis Island, location of Thetis Island Vineyards. Visit Morning Bay Vineyards on North Pender Island, Gabriola Island Winery and Hornby Island on the east coast of Vancouver Island is home to three wineries. BC Ferries have a few sailings each day, so plan ahead. Diehard wine trekkers will want to hit all the wineries scattered about the islands; your best bet is to bring a bike and a tent for some serious Island Hopping. PS for get your bikes… travel with a Mac

      Re: Cruising Destinations for 2008 Sailing Season
      Seaworthy, Wed Feb 13 2008, 04:39PM

      Looks like Kath and I will be restricted to weekend sailing this year but the Mac can go a long way in 3 days.

      We do both anchoring out and marinas. We prefer to make our choice based on weather. If the conditions are good we’ll anchor. If strong winds are forecast and there is a marina with space nearby we often opt for the marina.

      Re: Cruising Destinations for 2008 Sailing Season
      Kermie, Mon Feb 18 2008, 01:52PM

      Cruising Update
      I thought it might be in order to suggest some cruising itinarary guidlines.
      For example, in order for a cruise to be endorsed we should have a minimum of 3 committed boats to participate and members should have alternate plans in case of lack of committment for a scheduled cruise. We should also have a volunteer cruise leader for each geographic cruising area. For instance, San Juan cruises can be led by S/V Kermie since we are located in Point Roberts and are familiar with the area, conversely, leading a northern cruise would be geographically challenging and would be better served by a northern located and experienced member. Do we have any volunteers for leading northern cruises? Gail & I hope to do some longer cruises in the norther gulf islands and further during the latter portion of July on our vacation but weekend cruising will be in the southern regions.Another guidline that may influence cruising plans is weather, Gail & I are fair weather sailors and will cancel at a moments notice if inclement weather prevails. Rain is not our idea of fun but we do enjoy strong winds as long as they do not exceed sustained speeds in excess of 25 knots, 15- 20 knots is cool. We are also inclined to take advantage of the ammenities of marinas when the opportunities present themselves and will alternate nights of gunkholeing with marina slips.
      We have another meeting scheduled at Steves place for March 1/08 pot luck so how about comming out to express your ideas and opinions for the upcomming season.
      Ahoy for now
      Terry & Gail
      S/V Kermie

      Re: Cruising Destinations for 2008 Sailing Season
      Mystic Rose, Mon Feb 18 2008, 10:04PM

      We are keepingn our boat in Bellingham this year. As such if there were some that wanted to tow down to Bellingham, Anacortes, Everertt. We could help with directions and or go along. We like to go out for weekends and then take longer trips north to the gulf islands. If you need cruise helpers southward let me know.

      Gerry Mitchell
      Mystic Rose

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