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    I do like things clean and whilst the Mac 26X I bought last week wasn’t filthy it still needed a scrub. The original cockpit seat covers whilst not so dirty you wouldn’t use them showed dirt in the “veins” of the 1999 Mac vinyl. Not sure how they’d hold up to a washing machine I decided to go old school (can’t believe how much I use that term now, urgh 🥴) and employ a 100 year old washing posser from my collection of antiques. I know one thing, being a “domestic 100 years ago must have sucked. Anyway, 15 minutes of sloshing and burping and plunging and sweating like crazy I think I’ve got enough dirt off to throw them in the 2018 Maytag. You probably don’t need a picture of that 🤔.
    I imagine they’ll come out pretty much the same but I’ll know I gave it a go. Results are yet to be seen. Good thing is it looks like the seat sponges were replaced at some point.

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