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      Club Video – “Come Sail With Us”
      Windchime, Wed Jan 27 2010, 12:45PM

      Dear Members,

      I have created a Promotional Video for the Club.

      This 6 minute and 15 second video entitled, “Come Sail With Us”, was previewed at the January 15th club meeting, and was unanimously voted and accepted as the ” Official Promotional Video” for our Club.

      The video helps to explain; Who we are, Where we are, What we do … and how much fun we have doing it!

      It was created to help increase public awareness about the MYCBC. To not only attract new membership, but to raise the profile of the club so that all Members and Club Partners are encourage to participate and contribute to our continued growth and success.

      The video will be:
      – used as an information and marketing tool at Boat Shows, and other similar events.
      – on the main page of our website.
      – added to our newly created Facebook Page, at search word – “macgregoryachtclub” . This Facebook page will mainly be used to drive traffic to our main site. (www.

      You can search for the video directly on YouTube. Using any search words like; MYCBC, Macgregor Yacht Club, MacGregor Yacht Club or BC, MacGregor Yacht Club of British Colombia, etc.

      Here is a direct link to the video.

      Bonus! – The MYCBC is also now on “Twitter” search word – mycbc.

      Special thanks to our I.T. Captain Rick, for working his magic on the new sites.

      I hope that everyone enjoys the video, and continues to support the MYCBC’s increased online presence.

      Darry Major

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