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      Clothing logo contest.
      saynomore, Sat Feb 21 2009, 03:00PM

      At the past two meetings we spoke of creating a logo for our Clothing.
      The winner of the contest will win the first Golf Shirt with the Club logo.
      But you can only win if you enter the contest.

      My submission is:

      clothing_logo.doc [/html]

      Re: Clothing logo contest.
      Windchime, Thu Jun 25 2009, 12:37PM

      Dear Members,

      As was announced at the last meeting, the winner of the “New Clothing Logo” contest was a collaboration between Windchime and Mover. This new clothing logo includes the logo from the “New Burgee Logo” contest, that was won by Windchime. This new clothing logo can be put on just about anything you want. Shirts, hats, bags, etc.

      We have set-up the supplier in Richmond, and you can take your items to them and they will embroider our logo on your item for $5, or you can also buy some of their clothing to have our logo put on.

      The supplier is :
      Perfect Embroidery Ltd.
      #107-11511 Bridgeport Road (near #5 Road)
      Richmond, B.C. 604-278-3886
      Contact: Wilson Kwok
      Mon-Sat: 10-00-6:00, Sun 11:00-5:00

      Please see the photo below of the actual embroidery on black material. (on white material, the colors of the lettering is reversed).

      Leisa and I have had some samples made, and will have them at this weekends Rendezvous to show everyone.

      Hope to see you all at Snug Cove this weekend!


      Re: Clothing logo contest.
      Kermie, Thu Jul 02 2009, 01:07PM

      Perfect Embroidery is located on the north side of Bridgeport in the strip mall adjacent to and west of Olafsen street. You can enter the frontage parking from Olafsen. Look for the sign that reads EMBROIDERY because the word Perfect is hardly visible. There is a fair bit oif asian writing around their sign so it is hard to discern

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