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    Ron GilliesRon Gillies

    Given the border is closed this question pertains only to Canada at this point.

    Looking for anchorages/marinas that have adjacent camping spots. I can think of Montague which has a Provincial campground, same for Pirates Cove. Port Browning on Pender has a private campground. I believe that Wallace Island has a couple of tent sites near the old building in Conover Cove. The ones on the north end of the island are too far from the anchorage.

    Are there other similar locations anyone can think of, preferably in the Gulf Islands. I know there are some in Desolation but that’s a little far to go.

    Ron GilliesRon Gillies

    Thanks Rick, that’s allowed me to add a few more:

    Newcastle Island, Nanaimo
    James Bay, Prevost
    Portland Island
    Musgrave Landing


    Not sure if you are looking for road access campgrounds or the more primitive marine trail campsite. Check out this map for the many campsites available. They are everywhere.


    Not in the Gulf Islands, but on the mainland:

    Granite Falls in Indian Arm
    Long Island in Harrison Lake


    On the Marine Trails map you will find some in Howe Sound. Porteau Cove Prov Park has a small dock and also a mooring ball


    I know its not possible now, but when some normalcy comes to the world, I am wondering if most places the rallies are held, is there either camping in a motorhome or/and accommodations fairly close? Would enjoy joining the group at some of the cruises destinations.


    Hi Gerry, Excellent idea. LaConner was perfect a couple years ago with the campground right beside the marina. It would be great to come up with a list of marinas that had campgrounds close by to aid in our selection of future Cruise locations. Maybe we can include that information in the posts for each event.
    As regular events, MacRendezvous on Bowen Island has no camping but offers cottages for rent. I’m not sure what kind of camping might exist close to Blaine for our regatta. Sucia raft up has a campground but it is not vehicle accessible.
    This year’s events (if they happen) include Ganges and Bellingham and I’m not sure how close camping might be found.

    Ron GilliesRon Gillies

    Camping for Blaine would be Birch Bay State Park which is just a few km down the road.


    I know theres an RV park at the Port of Anacortes, just to the north.
    We stayed in the LaConner RV park last year, it was ok.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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