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      Cabin heating for 26M
      , Sat Nov 21 2009, 10:40AM

      I am purchasing a M26 this spring and wonder if anyone has any recommendations on a heater for this boat, any information would be appreciated. I presently have a 1994 classic which I’ll be selling.

      Re: Cabin heating for 26M
      Site Admin, Thu Nov 26 2009, 09:28PM

      Some members have used Origa Pail heaters. Some have put in forced air oil heaters. The space is small and easily heated. We carry a small electric ceramic heater for when in port.
      What you might wish to avoid is those coleman style tent heaters. They get too hot and can be dangerous to crew and damage the fiberglass.

      Re: Cabin heating for 26M
      Liverpool Lou II, Wed Dec 02 2009, 09:47PM

      I have a small electric fan/heater when in port and alcohol heater when I am at anchor. The problem with alcohol (Origo) heater is that it will create a lot of dew inside the boat when used for a longer time So I use it only to heat a boat a bit until I wrap myself in my -4C rated sleeping bag,

      Re: Cabin heating for 26M
      saynomore, Wed Dec 02 2009, 11:04PM

      There is an old fashion heater can use while out on the water. Turn your alcool stove on and place a clay flower pot upside down over the burner, In no time it will get hot, and generate heat to warm you up and the cabin, long enough for you to fall asleep. Turn off the stove once the pot is red hot.

      Notice. When pot is hot dont touch… when I retire for the evening just to be safe I place a metal pot over it for safety measures.

      At the marina, we use an electric heater that shuts off if boat becomes unbalanced.

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