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      Buying in the US
      wander’n star, Mon Aug 27 2007, 07:35PM

      Looking to buy in Washington state…

      I recently purchase a truck in Washington and want to get
      the boat to go with the truck.

      Has anyone purchased accross the border?

      If so what is the process?

      Are there costs that will surprise me?


      Re: Buying in the US
      Liverpool Lou II, Tue Aug 28 2007, 09:05AM

      I cannot tell you details, few boats were purchased in US and I believe all you have to pay is GST. It is US made boat and there is no custom fee attached. Call both US and Canada customs and they will tell you what papers you need to have in order to go through smoothly. Be aware that you can import the goods like that on certain time and I believe it has to be work hours. Check that information too. Friend of mine was purchasing a motor home in US and he had to sleep over in US since custom was closed (for papers adn registration process) and had to cross the boarder in the following morning.


      Re: Buying in the US
      Andrew & Suzanne, Tue Aug 28 2007, 12:57PM

      If the boat is US made you will have to pay:
      -GST and PST
      -Make sure you have the bill of sale has separate cost for Boat, trailer and motor.
      -Keep a copy of the add where you found the boat and the receipt for the bank draft as Canada customs will want back up documents for what the selling price was.
      -There is an inspection fee for the trailer of a few hundred dollars. The actual inspection needs to be done at Canadian tire.
      Make sure you have clear title on the trailer and the boat. It does not take long to get the boat and trailer through customs, you then just have to do all the paperwork to register it in Canada, which does take some time to complete.

      Re: Buying in the US
      wander’n star, Mon Sep 03 2007, 07:49AM

      Thanks for the reply:
      Andrew and Suzanne information is most accurrate.

      Liverpoo l2 self propelled vehicle have to report to the US customs durring business hours (ie motorhome). The paper work must be submitted to the US border you will be crossing at 72 businee hour ahead of time.
      The boat and trailer bypass this step.
      It’s much eassier to inport a boat and trailer, than a vehicle.

      Re: Buying in the US
      wander’n star, Mon Sep 03 2007, 07:52AM

      The mac is now in my driveway.
      No importation problems, it was pretty straight forward.
      Waiting for the inspection paperwork to insure the trailer.

      Re: Buying in the US
      Liverpool Lou II, Tue Sep 04 2007, 07:51PM

      keep lurking on the web site and we will see you at the dinner sometimes in November


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