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      Boat wax
      saynomore, Sun Apr 20 2008, 01:12PM

      What is the best boat wax you have found, where do you get it, and approx how much.

      This should be good for discussion!!!

      Re: Boat wax
      saynomore, Wed Apr 23 2008, 08:05PM

      I tried the 3m with mild grit clean and polish, worked well to bring up the shine and clean the yukki and the marks on my boat.

      Re: Boat wax
      Seaworthy, Sun Apr 27 2008, 04:04PM

      We are still trying to find a good hull wax. Nearly anything will last the summer but then you need to redo for the fall/winter.
      I really like sure-step by aurora for all the anti-skid on our boats. It doesn’t make the surface slippery underfoot even when wet and it doesn’t yellow over time.
      In my experience its the best deck and cockpit coating you can get. Its hard to find locally and its nearly $20 a tub. You can order it online.
      If anyone else is interested I’m due to order some so we could put together a bulk order and save a lot.

      Re: Boat wax
      Kermie, Sun Apr 27 2008, 07:31PM

      Absolutely Rick;
      Put me down for two and you can phone me to arrange payment. One tub does one application for our boats as I have discovered last year when I ordered it with a lot of other stuff. You must order in excess of $100.00 to get free shipping. The VS721 bottom wax by Aurora is fabulous I just got the third coat on and then used the left over on the blue hull after already using the fleetwax on the blue, yet the VS721 added brilliant luster to an already waxed bule section. Aurora has a whole line of products most of which I have used and still have some. When I am ready to order another $100.00 worth of stuff I will. They have great products for the plexiglass windows as I still have some and use it, ditto for PVC dinghy products, I use the Aurora products for that too and they are great. No where else can you get that non-skid wax, I have been looking and always get a grin when I ask about it. You have to try it to believe it. Yes, I am a fanatic!

      Re: Boat wax
      , Thu Jun 05 2008, 07:51PM

      Has anyone tried Woody Wax?

      Re: Boat wax
      , Tue Jun 10 2008, 09:25PM

      Just incase you thought I was being disgusting, here is a photo of the fiberglass and non skid deck wax

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