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      Boat Maintenance 101 for newbies
      saynomore, Sat Apr 19 2008, 10:10PM

      Completed my first oil change today:
      Went down to Carter Honda and the techs were great help, taking the time to show me and answer questions.
      On a new engine YOU MUST change your oil and filter after the first 20 hours.
      When I emptied the pan I couldn’t beleive the metal fragments in the oil.
      Back to topic:
      Honda tech recommend the syntheric oil: so I bought 3, 2 for the oil change and 1 to top up. 5100 – 10w40
      To match the oil filter bring in your serial number: mine is a 15400-pfb-014
      and I got Gear oil: 90w O/B gear oil

      ready: oil change have honda owners manual handy for parts location
      1. remove oil cap filler
      2. unscrew drain plug cover bolt, and use drain cover to help drain oil in pan.
      3. remove oil drain plug using 12mm wrench and let it pour oil
      4. to change filter I went to Canadian tire and bought an oil fitler cap wrench. the cap fits right over the oil filter and connect in the center to a wratchet set, one tug and she is loose. twist off and clean the area.

      once completed:
      5. install new oil filter and hand tight, I used the oil cap wrench and got it hand tight that way, (faster)
      6. replace sealing washer and oild drain plug
      7. place drain plug cover back into position and screw in drain plug bolt.
      8. pour in 2L oil, check your dip stick… looks good
      9. put oil filler cap back on.
      10. clip on the engine cover and bob’s your uncle.

      Gear oil

      1. remove oil level plug with #1 philips screw driver (big star scrdrvr)
      2. remove oil drain plug, and check bottom of screw once removed for metal particles (the screw acts as a magnet. Note the color of the oil if contaminated with water it comes out milky white, if yellowish all is good. This project takes time it comes out slow. Have a beer.
      3. now to fill in the new gear oil A) you can use an oil pump, and fill from the bottom… when oil come ou threw oil level plug hole… she is full. or replace the oil drain plug and gently squeeze in the oil through the oil level plug. When she back flows she is full. again this project is tediest.

      Grease gun:
      Bought a mini grease gun at Canadian Tire $13: There are 3 tits under the engine housing that requires greasing. couple of squeezes with marine grease and all is good.

      Total cost including the new tools $85

      next oil change 6 months or 100Hours, next gear oil change same time.

      Your handykingofCommodore

      Re: Boat Maintenance 101 for newbies
      Liverpool Lou II, Sun Apr 20 2008, 09:04AM

      Or you can buy my good old two stroke noisy stinker …. and no need to change oil,


      Re: Boat Maintenance 101 for newbies
      Kermie, Mon Apr 28 2008, 10:06AM

      I needed a special two piece socket end in order to access the oil drain plug bolt. The angle it is on is a bit awkward but with a two piece swivel socket it is easier.

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