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      Can somebody recommend an Insurance company for a boat?
      I did try to contact one listed in resources, but they didn’t respond to my “contact us” page requests or phone listed on their website.
      Thanks in advance,

      Rick Thompson

        Hi Vlad
        Boat insurance has become a bit of an issue over the last few years as the insurance industry in general struggles. I have not yet heard of a MacGregor being refused insurance but other boats are running into that problem. Group discounts seem to be a thing of the past. Some members with older boats have been required to get a marine survey done on their boat before it can be insured. You can find a list of surveyors and an old copy of policy wording under downloads/reference documents.
        We insured Gemini through our agent who also handles house and car insurance. She found Premier Marine and we are insured for about $450 a year. You need to be a bit careful about the wording of the policy and what is covered. You should check out the MYCBC presentation on Boat Insurance
        I believe you can still get insurance with your membership to the Canadian Power Squadron, so you might want to investigate that.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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