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      Coastal Drifter, Sat Oct 26 2013, 01:19PM

      Looking at replacing the current BBQ as even on low temperature it seems to burn food. I’ve noticed that some of the round ones seem to do well. Both Dickinson and Magma make a round one, but I’m not sure which one is best. Anyone have any thoughts on BBQ’s or have one of their own that does a great job? Ron

      Re: BBQ’s
      Gemini, Sat Oct 26 2013, 09:33PM

      We have a round Magma. Last year we had a problem with not being able to adjust the heat low enough until I had the good fortune?? to drop the tank connector and control valve overboard while at Saltspring. When I went to order a new control I discovered that they come in different capacities from HOT to Low. I got the low one and now it cooks perfectly. Hot enough to sear the steaks and then cool enough to warm waffles and toast bagels.

      Re: BBQ’s
      Windchime, Mon Oct 28 2013, 02:48PM

      Hey Ron,

      We have a rectangular Magma. Love the large grilling surface for things like corn on the cob or fish fillets. Fairly even temperature but always just a tad hotter near the propane bottle. It has the hide-away legs option which is great for on the dock (or beach potlucks at Sucia), but it’s a little heavy to leave on the rail so we stow it while underway. I think Magma may now make a stand for the round ones so you can use it on the dock too.

      Re: BBQ’s
      Mystic Rose, Thu Oct 31 2013, 07:32PM

      We too have the rectangle Magma. Probably the same model. I don’t leave it on the rail for the same reason, kind of heavy. We keep it stowed in the boat most the time. It does have plenty of room for us and you can find it on sale quite often at West Marine.

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