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    Alan & Belinda

      I recently completed the install of a Raymarine EV-100 autopilot on my 98 26X. I thought I would share some of the details for you. I went with the wheel drive. I had considered the tiller and the sport drive. I didn’t like the disconnect issues with the tiller model and the sport drive was a little too much extra $$ to justify. I changed the steering wheel to an 18″ model to allow for more finger room.
      First task was to mount the drive unit. Lots of different ways to do this. I chose to relocate the tach and utilize the hole for the drive motor. I found a boot from a Honda car at a wreckers that worked well for sealing it. The helm pin that comes with the unit doesn’t work on our Macs so I made one from a SS bolt by bending it to the right geometry. The only other real dilemma was where to mount the EV-1 sensor. I chose to mount it under the galley by gluing a piece of wood to the main stringer and then mounting the sensor to it. This required buying one 3m Seatalk cable. I finished things up with a used Navpod that I got on eBay to mount the control head, tach and RAM mount for a tablet that runs Jeppesen Plan2 Nav. The rest is mounting the control unit, running power etc.
      I am very impressed by this system. Its like having another person on board. Even the admiral is sold on it already

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      Alan & Belinda


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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