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      I found it awkward to grip the rope end to raise the dagger board on my 26M. Apologies if I’m reinventing something but I haven’t been on any other 26M’s.

      I drilled a hole in the centre of one side of a three inch piece of PVC pipe. Internal diameter of pipe is about 1 inch. Drilled hole is just big enough for the rope. Then I cut a one inch piece of PEX tubing.

      To install:

      1. Pull up the daggerboard so you have a slack line.

      2. Undo the knot on the end of the line. Don’t remove from the jam cleat.

      3. Thread the line through the piece of PEX and push it down the line, out of the way.

      4. Push the end of the line into the new hole in the PVC piece and out one end.

      5. Retie the knot and push it back into the PVC core.

      6. Put the board down and adjust the knot so the toggle stands up against the jam cleat with just enough tension. When you’re sure of adjustment, cut extra line so the end stays inside the PVC toggle.

      Works great and the one inch piece of PEX pipe allows one to grab hold of the PVC toggle without the jam cleat getting in the way. So much easier to use and for crew to identify and use for me.

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