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    Rick Thompson

    We have some suggestions for possible presentations at the 2018 Club Nights. I am looking for more suggestions up until the end of November. I will post the suggestions as a web poll in December and then the Bridge will plan the presentations based on your votes. If you have suggestions you can post them in this forum or send them directly to the Commodore using the Red button at the top left of the page.
    So Far:
    Fly Tying
    Weather Forecasting
    Anchoring techniques and concerns
    Towing Boats and Dinghys
    Outboard motor servicing and repairs
    Boat Balance – How to sail properly
    Tide and Current concerns – how to cruise safely
    Stern tie techniques and equipment
    Winterizing/ Commissioning
    VHF Refresher
    Line whipping
    Mods and Boat Storage
    Securing for the night
    Night Sailing

    Rick & SueRick & Sue

    Results of poll for Club Night Topics 2018
    Understanding Weather 8 votes
    Combined tide & current concerns with crossing the straight 8 votes
    Outboard motor maintenance & repair 7 votes
    Boat Balance 6 votes
    Stern tie methods & equipment 6 votes
    VHF refresher 5 votes
    Mods 5 votes
    Towing boats and dinghies 4 votes
    Secure for the night 2 votes
    Winterizing 2 votes
    Night sailing 1 vote
    Design a logbook 1 vote

    Kelvin DueckKelvin Dueck

    As someone who almost exclusively will be single-handling, I’d love a session on single-handling tips and tricks, looking at launching, docking, retrieving, anchoring, and sailing.

    I think it would also be useful in the event that a crew member is ill or otherwise incapacitated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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