2012 Macrendezvous wine taste and annual winners.

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      21012 Macrendezvous wine taste and annual winners.
      saynomore, Mon Jun 04 2012, 11:50AM

      Int the reds:
      The club label came in 2nd at $10, With Domaine de L’Olives $16 front runner.
      the others were Purple moon at $10 and Diego Mulville at $12
      The grand winner was Langs Marechal Foch an old grape merlot $19 from Oak Bay in the Oakanagan.
      “on that note” some people where dissappointed when I mentioned that the wines in the okanagan where overpriced and expensive. Let me clarify the Cottage industry wine. They sell today based on future prices. So if a wine is a keeper and you sit it down for 3 years. you are paying for that price. In some intances you loose and others you win as they are some fine wineries in the Okanagan. The same journey in Europe would cost you $4 – $5 dollars vs $20 and $10-$15 vs $35. But our prices are pretty inline with what they charge in California in the crafted wines regions.
      Cab Sauv.
      The Barefoot at $12 came in first with The Vranac $15 one point appart.
      Glimmer of Hope $18 had miles on the ShooFly at $17
      Dessert wine:Caroline Cellars won in her catagory.
      Gwertz/resling blend: Rigamarole @$15 won
      Pinot Grigio: Griffitti $15 did not make the cut. (its a hard wine to rate after you had some fine chardonnay’s.
      Township 7 was the big white winner miles ahead of the others.
      With the Club white comming in second and Darry’s box white Renmanno ($22=2 1/2 bottles of wine stays fresh for 6 weeks) one point behind.
      The fun part was just talking about, sampling, discovering, and sharing everyones point of view in each wine.
      The competition rated wines as they tasted them, usally if we had enough glasses a set for each catagory would of been issued to each judge and they could try and seek the difference btwn the wines. For glass cost issues this was not the case.

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