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      2011 Vancouver – Broughton’s MacGregor Sail Adventure
      saynomore, Wed Sep 30 2009, 10:04PM

      Project: 21 days Vancouver to Broughton Islands 2011
      Objective: Post on the website the basic journey consisting of a 21 day fleet cruise from Vancouver via Nanaimo to the Broughton’s and back via Desolation Sound – Sunshine Coast.
      Members and non Member (Guest) MacGregor boat Captains and crew are invited. We know for some the 21 day may be a challenge, but working along this project you will know the route and you can plan your point of departure to meet up with the fleet. Why leave from Vancouver or Nanaimo… it is the idea of leaving your home port and facing all the challenges and the beauty that our coast has to offer, to journey into a place of beauty, pay respect to the Islands that still hold at rest the ancestors of our First Nations neighbors. to take in all that our senses can absorb and return safely as a flotilla.

      Leg 1. (Vancouver/Sidney/ Pt.Roberts/ Bellingham) to Nanaimo (with possible gathering in Silva bay if weather)
      leg 2 Nanaimo to Comox
      Leg 3 Comox to Campbell Rv.
      Leg 4 Campbell Rv. to Harwicke Is.
      Leg 5 Harwicke Is. to Port Neville/ or Port McNeil
      Leg 6 Port Neville – Clio Channel to Knight inlet
      Leg 7 Broughton Island Park around Gilford I. – Chan passage – tribute passage – and broughton I.
      Returning: leg R1 Broughton I. to Johnson strait
      leg R2 Harwick I. to Thurlo I. via east channel to Cordero Channel
      Leg R3 Thurlo to Redonda I.,
      leg R4 Redonda to Lund
      Leg R5 Lund to Gibson
      Leg R6 Gibson to False Creek for a Party.
      (this schedule is not written in stone, the path is the same, the legs can be adjusted to meet the needs & pace of the fleet.)
      Project 2010: Starts on the website, getting the members that want to be part of this event to sign-up. All members are welcome to be part of the planning on a range of subjects and interest like:
      Living off the sea (this can create time on the water to go and find – catch – clean – prepare (fish – crabs – prawns – oysters – clams – seaweed – wild onions and so on)
      Planning – charting – best window for weather between July and Aug
      Research: Boat prep. and modifications (auto helm – GPS – Canopies – water and electrical systems, etc.) , supplies, gear, storage, fuel and water supply stations along the way, locations to Gunk hole and Marina’s along the way, budgeting cost, planning meals – and stopping for Marina Pubs, access point for first aid, and boat repair, locations to replenish basic food or location to drop off supplies.
      During the year (2010 season) we plan activities that cruisers must participate, like so many day’s on the water, crossing Georgia st., gunk holing and marina hopping, cooking (trying out recipes that will keep us fed while managing storage) and so on.
      All this can create excitement with the membership and get the blogging going, sharing ideas, planning for an adventure cruise. Some members may choose this a good time to upgrade their skills through CPS courses or Coopers. I can take it one step further and get our homework to PY or North 48 as an article asking them to have Anne and Lawrence Yeadon-Jones as our mentors and be part of a mentorship article to create awareness and reach out to a greater audience of Mac owners. We can then go out and get sponsorship interest, and a location to sponsor a party upon our return.

      Collectively we can have fun at this, and the reward is a trip to Paradise and back

      Share your thoughts… Please
      Commodore, MYCBC

      Re: 2011 Vancouver – Broughton’s MacGregor Sail Adventure
      Mover, Mon Oct 05 2009, 08:10PM

      Hi Steve,
      We were going to do the Broughton’s in 2010, but we can wait until 2011, and join the MacFleet.
      We’ll do Princess Louisa and the Broken Group instead. There’s no shortage of places to explore!!

      Re: 2011 Vancouver – Broughton’s MacGregor Sail Adventure
      Kermie, Wed Oct 28 2009, 11:42AM

      I have come across a few articles in Pacific Yachting that pertain to the Broughtons, I would like to find a means of getting them copied to this thread for all to read.

      As an alternative for those who do not have sufficient time to sail all the way up to the Broughtons, you can easily tow your boat to Port McNeil (a long drive) and launch from there. They have a couple of marinas up that way. Having your vehicle and trailer close by in case of unexpected circumstances would be very convenient. It is the route I will choose if I can arrange to make the trip. Of course it involves a ferry cost from the mailand but that is worth it to me.

      Re: 2011 Vancouver – Broughton’s MacGregor Sail Adventure
      saynomore, Wed Oct 28 2009, 12:39PM

      !. the intent of this planning project is to set up different point of entry for members to join us. We would have a main meeting place for all to start if you want to experience the total journey.

      Pacific yachting has many articles, I may be able to scan them and ask Rick to post them for us.

      Books: The Broughtons, a dreamspeaker cruising guide vol 5 by Anne & Lawrence yeadon-jones (of north vancouver) take us from vancouver Island to port hardy
      Desolation sound & the discovery Islands vol 2 by anne and lawrence Yeadon-jones would also compliment our research.
      Start reading over the winter months.

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