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      2008 long Weekend Cruises
      Kermie, Sun Apr 27 2008, 08:04PM

      OK, so I am a bit late with this, but I have a good excuse, “my boat prepping is using all my spare time” first class excuse if I do say so myself.
      Anyway here is what was voted for last AGM meeting at the Nisbet’s home.

      May 19th weekend main destination Silva Bay on Gabriola Island with suggestions for adding Pirates Cove. I think the suggestion for adding Maple bay was a mistake as it is quite a distance away, Newcastle would be closer.

      July 1st Weekend got the Saturna Island Lamb bar-b-que vote at Winter Cove, as a sideline addition it may be Steve’s best shot at taking us over to Victoria Harbour before or after the Lamb. Ganges is a nice added suggestion too, but I am only saying this because I am partial to Ganges and quite like it. Montegue is also within proximity and for those looking for a secluded anchorage Prevost Island has no shortage of gunkholes. All within close proximity.

      August 4th long weekend gets the SaltSpring Island circumnavigation, a real adventure, I’ve done it. Start at Ganges, going counter-clockwise head north and stop at Telegraph cove, Thetis Island, then head south to Maple Bay, very nice spot, then on down to Genoa and past Cowichan and then around to Fulford and back up to Ganges. You can stop at Otter bay along the way too, another great overnite spot. Really only need 2-3 nights stop, it’s a cool trip.

      September long weekend always wins the Sucia raft up vote and always gets a good turn out. Deer Harbour and Friday Harbour are just around the corner for those looking for more to see and do. I highly recommend Friday Harbour as a side trip from Sucia, plenty of shopping for those inclined, showers and restaurants too.
      I hope to participate as much as possible but may not make them all, but don’t let that stop anyone, keep the adventures going.
      Capt. Kermie
      Terry & Gail

      Re: 2008 long Weekend Cruises
      saynomore, Mon Apr 28 2008, 10:38PM

      Calling all members that want to assist Kermie in planning the finer details to these weekends are more than welcome. With different starting point we will need seasonned sailors to lead many newcomers to our destinations and back. So please jump in and help plan all this season has to offer.
      Commodo re, MYCBC

      Re: 2008 long Weekend Cruises
      Kermie, Tue Apr 29 2008, 12:36PM

      Some of the finer details.
      Attendance/Interest – who is joining the cruise, you need to sign up so that others know who is going. Anounce your intentions here.
      Departure Points – When & Where are you launching from and where shall we meet up as a group? What day and time are you getting under way? Where are you launching from – Vanier, Port Moody, Crescent Beach, Blaine, Pt Roberts, North Vancouver somewhwere? – let us know.
      Seasoned or beginner – do you prefer a buddy boat or are you OK on your own?

      Tides – for those trailering, check the tides

      Weather – does this influence your decision? It does mine – I am a fair weather sailor and may back out at the last minute if weather gets too ugly.

      Activities What would you like to do after arrival? Hang out at the dock, sail the immediate area, go ashore, take a side trip, much to decide.

      May 19th Victoria Day weekend is the first cruise, Plans can be coordinated for Friday or Saturday departures with Monday being the return. I’ll start a seperate thread for each cruise beginning with the May cruise and folks can sign up online for all to see and make their intentions known. This is all we have for communication folks so lets make it work for us. Jump in and post your comments/plans/ desires.
      Terry & Gail
      S/V Kermie

      For now give some thought on how you wish to plan things.

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