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      2008 Cruise
      rworthy, Thu Feb 08 2007, 10:08AM

      As we briefly discussed on the last meeting, members are showing interest in organizing bigger cruise in summer 2008. On Seattle Boat Show I mention this idea to Blue Water Yachts and they are willing to participate as a club and help in organization. At his point this is only idea we are exploring and all options are wide open. General consideration is BC Coast (Golf Islands, Sunshine Coast, Desolation), or Washington Coast (San Juan’s or?).

      CanAm in 2005 was a great event even main organizers were not there. They had to cancel at the last moment due to the unforeseen personal issues (and they wanted so much to be with us). We had an opportunity to meet Mac sailors from all West Coast, check many mods and extras, sailed and partied together and we made some very good friends. We also learned from this event. It appears that giving more than one option eventually split the group after main event on Ganges and the event lost the initial momentum. The other reason might be border crossing in the middle of the cruise. Crossing the border is more and more inconvenient. Everybody have to watch and restock food and drinks at every crossing to avoid any trouble. For example last summer I could hook up with other MYCBC members on USA side (we were just few miles apart) but all my meat, fruit and veggies would had to go overboard as fish food (including few very good steaks).

      I believe that event should be from the beginning to the end on either side of the border with one general route where the boats will meet and gather together on fixed points and dates. We might leave some freedom for smaller groups for couple of days between the meetings for the boats that prefer marinas or anchor or some time alone. Maybe we do not want to make any plans for the cruise between these points, leave it to seas and winds at the time.

      Please respond to this thread and let us know are you interested or not, as well as with ideas of where, when and how long. It is never too early to start preparation.


      Re: 2008 Cruise
      Captain Steve, Sun Mar 18 2007, 08:47PM

      Zoran, I am interested. Really wanted to go in 05. Parents are healthy and look to stay that way for awhile. I will check in to see the progress. I guess border crossing would be my main issue, so need some info on that. Any time period identification would be nice too.

      This is our boat in the 03 Rendeviouez, put together by Duane Dunn. [/html]

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      rworthy, Wed Mar 21 2007, 11:10AM

      Thanks for the reply Steve. We will have our club meeting on March 31 and this will be on the agenda. There is no big issue on crossing the borders a long as everybody have the proper documentation on board. The problem that I found with longer cruises is food on board. Either side is very picky of what you have on board, from Canada as far as I know you cannot bring into US any fruit, veggies or meat (chicken and beef), and of course Cuban cigars. Canadians are picky on tobacco, beer or any other alcohol etc. This kind of complicate the trip since you have to eat it all or dispose of it if you are crossing the border. Both costs are beautiful with plenty of spaces to be and enjoy and for me it really does not matter where we will be. Somehow, Sunshine Coast, BC with Desolation Sound looks attractive since the previous event have not touched that part of West Coast. My plan is to keep this on our website for now until we confirm organization and BWYC involvement, and then to post it on Heath’s site where obviously more people will be able to see it and join in.

      Keep lurking here and we will post news as they come.

      _/) Zoran

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      Mystic Rose, Sat Mar 24 2007, 10:53AM

      HI All,
      Back from long trip to AZ. I was reading the forum and sure like the idea of another multi state, country gettogether. If I can be of assistance let me know. I am near the border of Canada and sail with both the Blue Water and MYCBC sailors. I can help with setting up launching in northwest WA, host families here at my house, provide storage, or whatever needs to be done.
      Hope this takes on a life of its own. We sure enjoyed the last Can-Am.

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      saynomore, Fri Jul 06 2007, 10:00AM

      Sunshine coast with Desolation sound is a great idea. Call me with detail of how I can help the group.

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      Kermie, Thu Oct 18 2007, 11:25AM

      Since I lost most of 2007 sailing season to a blood clot in my left leg, (again-happened in 2005), and the lousy weather, a trip to Desolation Sound/Sunshine Coast for 2008 sounds very appealing. Gail & I would prefer a group cruise for safety & social reasons. The main challenge is timing, what would the dates be considering various vacation schedules?
      July works for us, long warm days with reliable weather patterns being the main criteria. August/September are generally cooler and wetter even though the crowds may be fewer so I would not recommend it.
      Towing to Lund and launching from there would be the safest, easiest, and quickest, but also a bit costlier (ferries), not to mention missing the Sunshine Coast so perhaps a more southerly launch could be an alternate option. Long lead times for planning need to be considered for a trip like this.
      So Desolation gets our vote!
      I agree with the customs BS due to my experience mooring in Point Roberts, it is a bit of a pain crossing back & forth and wasting food, have to be careful. We have made two separate trips to the San Juans and really enjoyed it, they are awesome but we kept ourselves within the US waters and stocked at Friday Harbor to simplify food matters. Ditto for our trips to the Gulf Islands with provisions restocked at Ganges. Since we have done two trips to the San Juans and two to the southern portion of the Gulf Islands we are now focusing our sights north.
      We watched a presentation on Desolation Sound at last February Boat Show and found it to be very enticing, I am sure it will be presented again at the 2008 show, check it out, lots of info.

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      Kermie, Fri Oct 19 2007, 02:00PM

      Well, my enthusiasm has led to some research – ferries costs to be sure. Depending on how far north one whishes to tow their boat, costs escalate accordingly. Horseshoe Bay/Sunset Beach launches are about as far north as one can drive/tow and still evade ferry costs. Using our Trailblazer EXT and boat in tow as an example, the ferry fare from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale on Sechelt Peninsula is $142.00, includes your return. You could drive all the way up to Pender Harbour and launch from there, it is well protected. Optionally you could take another ferry from Earls Cove at the north end of Sechelt Peninsula and get off at Saltery Bay then drive to Lund but that would consume your return portion of the ferry fare from Langdale back to Horseshoe Bay which in turn doubles the ferry costs, $142.00 one way all the way. Don’t forget how much gas is consumed while towing this distance. Essentially you are purchasing time, convenience and safety when purchasing ferry fares. If the weather got all out ugly, or an emergency arose, having your tow vehicle in Lund would suddenly be very appealing despite the cost. Something to think about if Desolation Sound is the cruise of choice.

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      saynomore, Fri Oct 19 2007, 03:13PM

      What ever direction we decide, I agree we need to plan a range of travel options and better sooner than later.
      1. with the strong Canadian dollar, a trip from Blaine to Seatle is a great adventure.
      2. I still like the Desolation Sound trip.
      3. Something to ponder for maybe 2009, I would like to share a trip of a lifetime with you. You would need to budget time and we would need to plan a whole year in advance. To maximise this trip it would need to be early fall (now you know why the planning). As a sailor I would like to start from Vancouver. We would head up the back way through Redonda Island to Jonhson strait, pass the Orca rubbing reserve, accross the pass to QC strait stopping by some Islands where I would show you tree where the natives cut out planks over 100 years ago for housing, canoes, or bent box constrution. Then tuck ourselves in some islands where you will observed bent box coffins place high in the branches in the trees, to sacred and old native villages, up Knights inlet to the salmon run, where we would be in tall caches watching an annual event of bears coming to feed and the animal kingdom that way patiently for the scraps of the bear feed to feast on. We would head back into QC Strait and circle for a couple of days and observe Killer whales on feeding frenzies. We could make a few side trips to local native villages or event sneak up to Port Hardy taking in some wilderness side trips that will create lasting memories. This trip would be the envy of all Mac sailors.

      But in the interim we need to start planning now. I know that the Gulf islands where thrown in as a destination, with new wineries opening all over the GI’s and a range of sandy beaches, and pubs we could have fun there.

      Count me in for the planning and organizing.

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      Kermie, Mon Nov 05 2007, 01:23PM

      Never thought about a trip to Seattle…that sounds attractive also, has that pleasurable sound of hot showers!

      Re: 2008 Cruise
      Captain Steve, Sun Dec 16 2007, 05:01PM

      Steve, what a trip….what time frame is early fall??

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