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We have a MacGregor 26X and I also did some repeated testing during longer trips related to fuel consumption. We came up with the following:

– 1999 Yamaha 4 Stroke 50 hp carbureted engine
– No wind or currents, relatively calm seas
– Ballast in
– Traveling at about 2,500 rpm at about 6 knots
– 2 people and gear on board

1.75 nautical miles (3.2 km) per liter

(One 12 gal tank – using 40 liters of it since the last few liters are not usable – lasts for about 70 nautical miles)

We also traveled with another MacGregor 26X this summer. It had a brand new Honda 50 hp engine. With similar conditions as stated above, they were closer to 4 km per liter from what I remember. Besides being a newer engine, I think that fuel injected engines are more efficient.

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