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Paul Christensen

    New member. New (to me) 2006M. I purchased a 10kg Rocna to replace the Danforth that came with the boat. I did this without considering whether or not it would fit!!! I could buy and install the extended anchor roller from Bluewater Yachts….but I did not consider that the fat, flat shank of the Rocna doesn’t look like it will fit under my foresail furler. I am considering adding a couple of plates on the end of the anchor roller base that would drop the roller down an inch or two….that might give me enough clearance for the furler. I am not super keen on jury-rigging some pulpit rail mount that would put all that weight on the pulpit.

    Is there anybody in the club that has a 10kg Rocna AND a foresail furler….AND has successfully figured out how to get around this problem? Is there a part available that is just “bolt-on”?

    I really want to use the Rocna. I just didn’t anticipate this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Paul….S/V VALHALLA

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