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Steve & Cathy

    I am on a look out for new/leased motor.
    Call all the local wholesalers, and they will tell you who are their big lease dealers (most of them lease to tour or fish camps for 3to6months) they are nicely broken in, mechanically tuned when returns and ready for resale.
    Merucry big dealer is: Bridgeview marine
    2nd MP marine
    Yamaha: Galleon and GA Checkpoint
    Suzuki: Sherwood Marine (victoria) and appearently in Vancouver Bridgeview, also our BWY

    I am looking for a tilt lift assembly for my Honda 50 or if I get a crazy deal I will change.
    I like mercury cause you can get it serviced anywhere.
    Yamaha is a very good quiet, light weight but I am not sure about the servicing on our boat. I will check with Kermi to see if he is still satisfied with his Yamaha.
    Suzuki, a great motor but servicing is an issue.
    I was told that Kijijji is a good site for guys who have bought a new boat and found out that they want a bigger engine, but then you have to pay to have motor removed and reinstalled?

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