Reply To: New Outboard


    My guess it’d be slightly larger than the Suzuki, but certainly smaller than the beefy Merc. Personally I’d love to see the new 2015 115hp Merc on the back of an X – remarkable they could squeeze 2.1L displacement into 359lb.

    I would suspect only the Evinrude and Kermie’s Yamaha 70hp has a chance of mounting without having to modify the back of the captain’s seat – but no where near as aggressive as the MercX at Burrard – and I’m not sure if it has to be that much. Next time you’re by please have a closer look at Bachus – I’m due to cut out a bit of our seat as the DF90 does hit in near full upright (I can’t go fully upright as the front presses down on rudder linkage – I think Windspiration clears better as theirs is mounted an inch higher and has the transom reinforcement plates and wedges – but the linkages are different between the years)

    I don’t think you’ll get a NMEA engine readout on your MFD/plotter with carbs, as I know I couldn’t even get an hour meter on our prior 02 Honda BF50.

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