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Drag-n-Fly 2003 M BLUE-
installed a solar panel on the bimini,
installed a stowage shelf under the starboard seat,
replaced steering gear,
replaced rudders,
installed holder for rocna starboard side and sewed a protective cover to prevent sail interference/damage I hope,
made winch covers and working on covers for the cars,
buff the blue shell,
install a hatch under cabin seats to make access to stowage more accessible,
washed all lines in mild soap in wash machine,
made cover for the roller furler hub for when taking mast down (thank you to MYBC member for design),
replace the mast bearing but probably will replace that with a UHMW plastic washer thanks to MYBC member suggestion,
touch up nicks in gel coat (have lots as boat is also used for shrimping/crabbing),
clean grease/oil the winches after 11 years sure they are in need,
change engine oil plus lubricate and replace zinc,
repair the seat over the gas tanks.
wash the bird doodoo off the boat (took hours!!!)- sewed a cover out of the old sails to help minimize doodoo reoccurrence,
replace the zipper pulls on the jib cover,
tighten up the jib line.
made sure the stitching in the bottom luff of the main sail holding the rope was completely removed,
had Wallace stove/heater serviced (fan replaced) (a woefully late task).
Wanted to also put speakers in the cockpit but cant get the energy to pull out all that foam again to access the radio. The boat has been out of the water for a month now, cant wait to get it back in.
Also had major landing/float repair for the dock which is all done now.

Late last year and earlier this year, we
replace/upgraded the tired 10 year old stock sails,
installed sock and bow sprit for the spinnaker (works awesome) with additional aft cleats to control the sheets,
installed a cheap composting toilet consisting of box with toilet seat 5 gal bucket and gallon milk jug – absolute best mod!,
installed a refrigerator/freezer,
installed an inexpensive electric pump for sink water (I hated pumping water) and added a small 13 gallon water bladder which can easily be refilled on board.

A Macgregor is like a new house. There are so many things that can be done to make it your own.

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