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    The fine art of moving slowly at great expense.

    Darry – This one is for you!!

    The Ten Dollar Question
    Three couples had rented a sailboat for the weekend, at a cost
    of $300.00. Each couple had chipped in $100.00 a piece to cover
    the cost of the boat. As they were getting ready to make way, a dock
    hand flagged them down to say, “the owner of this boat has decided to
    give you back $50.00 in hopes to entice you to come back on another
    occasion.” he proceeded to hand them 5- $10.00 bills. The couples
    then realized, there wasn’t an easy way to divide 5- $10 bills equally
    between themselves. So they gave the dock hand a $20.00 tip and
    then divided the remaining 3- $10 between each couple.

    If they each paid $100.00 apiece originally for the boat rental, and
    received $10.00 back. Then in essence they paid $90.00 for the boat.

    $90 (The amount each couple paid) x 3 (The amount of couples) = $270 +
    $20 (The tip they gave the dock hand) = $290.

    Where did the other $10 go?

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