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    Hi John we have the simple single burner flush mount Origo. I like it. It is very simple and safe.


    Alcohol is lighter than air

    Spills quickly evaporate

    Fuel is cheap and widely available

    Fuel containers are usually light weight plastic and easily recycled

    Flame can be extinguished with water


    Slower cooking time.

    Flame can be hard to see in daylight.

    Certain fuels smell funny.

    Different fuels have different heat

    Methyl hydrate(gas line anti freeze/fondue fuel/paint thinner) is the lowest BTU at est 9,000

    DeNatured alcohol(grain alcohol tampered with to make it undrinkable) has up to 12,000 BTU. We bought some Phab and it smelled funny while cooking

    A recent development is alcohol for indoor fireplaces sold at Canadian Tire under the name BioFlame. Word on the street is it’s the hottest and in the middle of the price range

    Iso alcohol can be used in a pinch but it’s often smoky.

    We have found a gallon of Methyl Hydrate from Home Depot paint department for $10 lasts a season no problem.

    Gotta run, if I think of anything else I’ll add it later.


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