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    Hi Darry,

    Thanks for the reply…does the MacFoulie count for something?…I’m sure you’ll teach me a lot. I’m in the White Rock Squadron of CPS.

    My recent research has revealed CYA and Sail Canada are basically one organization which meets all the criteria of ISAF.

    My wife’s course was through ISPA which I think was trying to supercede and unify North American Training. They certify several local trainers and schools.

    CYA seems to emulate the RYA which has broad recognition.

    I looked into one local CYA school which also offers some Transport Canada approved commercial courses. BCIT has a marine campus which provides commercial certification as well.

    I haven’t given up my pipe dream of operating a sailing charter business when the kids are moved out and I guess what I’m looking for is training that will roll directly into being a skipper for hire so to speak. The CYA instructor certification looks like it might cover that.

    I can do my own research I was just wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with the endgame of all the training.


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