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Hey Willy,

I think that the biggest difference between many of the courses offer by the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron (CPS) and the Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) is the “on the water” component.

Although CPS offer great stand alone classroom education and has a very broad consumer reach, in most cases they do not include a practical onboard component. While most CYA course curriculums include both classroom and on the water instruction components, as well as both a written onshore knowledge exam and a practical exam to demonstrate the skills learned.

I have run through the complete CYA Certification program (excluding the offshore component). It is pricey and takes a lot of time – but the skills learned are invaluable both on and off the water. I know we have members that are very familuar with the CPS sailing programs and can probably elaborate more for you.

As far as;
– Charters: CYA advanced skipper certification qualifies for most bareboat charters.
– Teaching Sailing; CYA offers courses to become a CYA Instructor.

My certifications;
– I teach Marine Weather courses for CPS.
– Certified by the CYA as an;
Advanced Coastal Skipper.
Advanced Coastal Navigator.
Celestial Navigator.

This means I am certified to;
– act as skipper of a sailing cruiser up to 15 meters.
– onboard any modern rig and inboard engine.
– operating within 100 miles of shore.
– by day or night.
– in coastal or inland water.
– in any weather condition.
– The celestial navigation certification increases to beyond 100 miles from shore and terrestrial landmarks.

Good luck on your sailing journey 🙂

“Sail Safe, and Leave Only Wake”

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