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    Hey White Falcon!

    I’m a claw lover! A good Bruce or CQR is a great anchor. After hearing about Windchimes night in howling winds that made him do a number of 360’s yet he never dragged anchor, I was sold and went out and got one for my boat. I have never had dragging issues and have always felt secure on our anchor. My suggestion is to ALWAYS buy one size bigger than is suggested for your boat. Nothing beats weight. I also use a Sentinal or Sea Angle which is an additional weight near the end of the rode where the nylon line meets the chain. Nothing beats weight! If I’m on anchor for an extended time I will use the Sentinal. Remember to have AT LEAST as much chain as the length of your boat. I suggest 30+ feet. Nothing beats weight!
    As for scope, if your in a crowded bay, then 3 to 1 may have to do. If you have room 5 to 1 is better and if it blows 7 to 1 is even better.
    Hope this is helpfull! Nothing better then to anchor in a quite little bay for the night, all by yourselves! Ahh, what a wonderful life we live!!!

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