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    I searched and searched…you have a MacGregor Furler! They sourced their own and stopped using CDI. You are also correct you only have an inch or so of adjustment. You might have to get very creative to get more.

    Oh well, you have it adjusted to your liking now right?

    Took me a lot of head scratching and internet searching to find out I had a turnbuckle hidden inside my CDI furler. To eliminate the mast rake I had to get rid of some weird mods the PO did to the back stay since he obviously did not know about the hidden turnbuckle or what the true purpose of the backstay is.

    So far we haven’t really added much cool stuff except 6v batteries in series for the house power. Located in the Vee berth. Money saving tip: for heavy gauge wire it’s cheaper to buy “good” jumper cables and cut off the ends than to buy 4,6,or 8 ga. wire. Canadian tire sells ends and shrink tube to solder on good water proof connectors.

    Bought a load of stuff at WestMarine in Richmond to use their discount card

    Coolest thing I guess was a Standard Horizon VHF with DSC and a built in GPS….West Marine

    Oh year Blue Water Yachts custom steering disconnect for my X solved many steering issues.


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