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  1. Gemini will be there. Arriving Friday and probably travelling to the San Juan’s for a few days after. Weather permitting.

  2. Gemini will be there. Passage plan to follow

  3. Gemini has registered online for moorage arriving Fri Aug 2 departing Monday Aug 5. Passage plan to follow.

  4. Gemini will be there. Passage plan to follow.

  5. Teacher’s Pet will be there. Arriving Friday, rigging and launching, then leaving on Monday.

  6. Gemini will be there. We have booked online arriving Friday June 28 and departing July 2. Passage plan to follow.

    • Gemin passage plan
      Wednesday June 26
      Blaine to Sucia 16 nm. Depart mid day with all day ebb
      Thursday June 27
      Sucia to Reid Hbr, Stewart Is 14 nm. Ebb all day
      Friday June 28
      Stewart Is to Port Sidney 10 nm. Haro str slack 1110
      Tuesday July 2 onward to July 4 in San Juan’s.

  7. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Andy and Caroline will be there on Cassiopeia

  8. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Andy and Caroline will be there on Cassiopeia

  9. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    We made a reservation online for Aug 2 – Aug 5

  10. Zephyr has submitted a moorage request online, arriving on the 3rd, departing on the 5th.

  11. Zephyr has submitted a moorage request online, arriving June 27th, departing July 2nd.

  12. Saynomore is booked
    Passage to follow

      I will try and schedule a meet with Alex from Impulse, his passage buts him on the water at 0815hrs.
      Friday May 31 SAYNOMORE
      Expected weather: winds 3 -5kt. Temp 10-11C, cloudy
      At 5kt speed from Reed Point Marina 3hrs 30min to Point Atkinson
      Leaving Reed Point Marina (sleeping on boat on 30th) at 0730hrs to meet up with Alex(?) around 0800-0815 Cates Park. N.Van.
      Second Narrows slack 0820
      First Narrows slack 0839 eta 0930 (transitioning Flood to Ebb)
      Point Atkinson: eta 1030hrs – 1045hrs (currents churning)
      USM Snug Cove: eta 1130 – 1200

      Departing June 2nd for ReedPoint June 2nd 0800hrs

  13. Saynomore
    has submitted a moorage request online, arriving June 27th, departing July 2nd
    Passage plan to follow

    has submitted a moorage request online, arriving on the 3rd, departing on the 5th

  15. Brian and Elaine will be there on Later Mate Friday to Monday. May extend a day or two on either end to Sucia…

  16. Brian and Elaine will be there on Later Mate Friday to Sunday. Hoping to head to Desolation Sound after.

  17. Doug & Donna plan to attend.

  18. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime will be attending.
    Arriving Friday night from Crescent Beach and returning Monday morning.
    Sail plan to follow.

  19. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime will be attending.
    Slip is already booked .
    Arriving Friday night and returning Sunday.
    Sail plan to follow.

  20. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime will be attending.
    Arriving Saturday from Crescent Beach and returning Monday.
    Slip request is submitted.
    Sail plan to follow.

  21. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime will be attending.
    Arriving Saturday from Crescent Beach and returning Monday .
    Sail plan to follow.

  22. 2Wish’n will be there. We may launch in Blaine Friday night or best case cruise on over from Point Roberts. We will be returning to Pt Roberts Marina on Mon May 20th.

    • Blaine Regatta May 18-20, 2024 Cruise Plan

      2Wish’n cruise plan via ground & water Fri Apr 17 – Sun 19th OR Mon 20th

      1. LAND PLAN – CA to Blaine WA Regatta:
      – Fri May 18 – trailering from Ladner, BC to Blaine via Peace Arch border crossing
      – Blaine Marina 34.6 km approx. 40mins plus USA border clearance time
      – Depart Ladner 0900 eta Blaine approx. 1200 noon (traffic, border & grocery stop)

      2. CRUISE PLAN – Return Blaine, WA to Point Robert Marina WA – Shelley to solo passage:
      a.) Sun May 19th – potential early return OR
      b.) Mon May 20th
      – solo cruising from Blaine, WA Marina to Point Roberts Marina (secured moorage)
      * 12.4 nm distance
      * Depart 0900 (0930 latest)
      * 5 kn speed – 2.48 hrs cruising time – ETA 11:29
      * 6 kn speed – 2.07 hrs cruising time – ETA 11:12
      * Eta 1129 (potentially 1110/1145 with a .25 – 1 kn current – fairly consistent both days

      – SUV & trailer – Dan to return to Ladner, BC.

      Departure ETA both days 0900 (ebb turning to flood – current in favour of passage on a more northerly route. Mild current and mild winds.

      Sunday May 19th Monday May 20th

      Low 10:11 / High 16:51 Low 10:38 / High 17:47

      Currents: – ebb turning to flood – strengthening off Pt. Roberts:
      09:19 .25 – .5 kn 08:44 <.25 kn
      11:17 – 12:14 1 – 1.25 kn 9:46 -10:48 .25 – .5 kn 11:48 – 12:14 .75 – 1 kn

      Winds: predictions as of 18:10 Thu May 16th
      09:00 – 12:00 3 kt NW to 7 kt W 09:00 – 12:00 4 – 5 kt S

      Sun partly sunny 7 – 16 C
      Mon partly sunny turning to 40% (< 1mm) chance of rain in the evening 7 – 16 C

      Tides Near Me – app
      Current Atlas – app & manual publication
      Windy – app
      Weather Network

  23. 2Wish’n (Dan & Shelley) are planning to attend. Inbound Fri May 31 from Pt Roberts via CA Customs Clearance at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club – Jericho Beach. Departing Sun Jun 2. We are reviewing a MacAdventure to Desolation Sound.
    Moorage at USSC requested.
    Cruise Plan to follow.

    • 2Wish’n is confirmed with USSC! We are hoping to cruise with Later Mate to Desolation Sound!

      • Update: 2Wish’n, pending work & wxx, may depart Point Roberts Thur May 30th, clear CA Customs (Jericho) and anchor overnight in False Creek. Depart for Snug Cove Fri May 31st. We may also return to False Creek post Bowen. We will not at this time able to continue onward to Desolation Sound. However Desolation Sound is on our bucket list!

        • UPDATE: 2Wish’n has cancelled our reservation and switched waitlist “Gratitude” 26S Ken Schmitt into our slip May 31 – Jun 2, ‘24. Tom with USSC will contact Ken to confirm directly with them.

          We have not been able to rangle work commitments but Dan & Shelley will be coming over (walk-on) Sat Jun 1!

          Safe sailing!⛵️

  24. Summerzcool will be there Friday evening. I can do a Womens sailing talk on the dock if you would like.

  25. Planning to come! Most likely in Suciasaurius, new to us boat not a Mac. But, we can still come…right?

  26. Mist-A-Sea will be there. Aiming for Friday night arrival, through to Monday

  27. Mist-A-Sea will be there, arriving on Saturday, leaving on Monday

  28. Mist-A-Sea will be there. Saturday through Monday

  29. 2Wish’n Dan & Shelley have submitted a request for Fri Aug 2 – Mon Aug 5 3 ngts.

    Cruise plan to follow.

    We are coming in from Point Roberts WA Marina. At this point, we are contemplating leaving Point Roberts on Thur (pending work & wxx conditions) to potentially overnight at Cabbage Isl (1st time) clear CA Customs and either transit to Otter Bay via Active Pass (very familiar) or Georgeson Passage (1st time).

    Return passage will be on Mon Aug 5th straight back to Point Roberts channel passage TBD.

    We have not yet solo anchored or hooked onto a mooring ball so this is an opportunity for something new. As well, trying different passages is something we like to do when we have time rather than always transiting through Active Pass.

  30. Per Otter Bay Marina Mar 11, 2024:
    “ We are not yet taking reservations for the 2024 boating season. We have put you on the waitlist for the dates you have requested. We will begin making confirmed bookings in April. Please feel free to check back if you haven’t received a reservation confirmation by end of April.”

  31. Wyatt and Valerie

    Nauti Nuff Time has requested a slip…..
    We may be interested in a trip to Desolation sound as well.

  32. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    We will be leaving for Desolation Sound, then on to the Broughtons and beyond (Possibly as far as Bella Bella) leaving on June 2 after the McRendezvous.
    Looks like there will be a several of our boats heading in this direction then.

  33. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    We completed the reservation with Steamship Marina on Bowen Island

  34. Donna & Doug will be there.

  35. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Alex and Linda have made reservations for Impulse. Post MacRendezvous we will be sailing northward with Andy and Caroline and any other interested boats. Sail plan to follow.

  36. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Impulse Sail Plan

    Friday May 31st
    2nd Narrows
    0815 DST Turns to Flooding
    1021 DST Max Flood +1.7 kn
    1243 DST Turn to Ebb

    1st Narrows
    0836 DST Turns to Flooding
    1046 DST Max Flood +1.2 Kn
    1259 DST Turn to Ebb

    The above information shows weak Currents for the 1st and 2nd Narrows on May 31st. Impulse will launch from Cates Park in North Vancouver as close as possible to the 0815 tide turn or the 1243 tide turn.

  37. Later Mate arriving Aug. 2nd – Depart Aug. 5th to sail Gulf Islands or San Juans maybe 2 more weeks.

  38. Look out, Bonnie Lass is heading that way and arriving Thursday. Just allotting for a little more time to set everything up. New stuff yet to get ready. Hopefully, we can trial run earlier with the safety confidence events earlier in the month.looking forward to seeing everyone.
    The Ryans

  39. Heaven Sent will be there, slip already booked from May 31 to June 2nd. Sail plan to follow.

  40. Michael Van Den Boomen

    Hi. Mike and Tracy from Blue Glass are planning on being there if the boat is ready. If not, we’ll likely show up anyway!

  41. Michael Van Den Boomen

    Blue Glass just made request for June 29-July 1

  42. Neal Randall-Smith

    Cedar Wind will be there! She has her own slip at Blaine, so not to worry about moorage. Neal will be there Friday night or Saturday and Michelle will join Sunday evening after a horsey thing in the interior. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  43. Clara & Fred, DragnFly

    We plan to attend Blaine, all days, we may sail up. If not, will trailer. We may have to Moor the boat for 4 additional nights after Sunday.

  44. Neal Randall-Smith

    Cedar Wind will be there!

  45. Cristina and Sean Eppers

    Hooray!! Cristina Eppers/26M “Marlin” and friend, Anne Brooks, will be arriving on Friday, buddy boating with Lydia and Peter from Friday Harbor. We will depart on Monday, to work our way back to Port Angeles.

    • Cristina and Sean Eppers

      I don’t know if that’s enough detail to qualify as a sail plan, so here’s more: I plan to leave PA between 0600 and 0630. We’ll be fighting the ebb tide for a bit in the Strait but not more than 1.5kt, and that will decrease as we get out by the shipping lanes. Going 6-6.5kts, we should catch slack tide at Cattle Pass around noon-12:30. Of course, we can always haul ass for a while and get there sooner if we want to 😁. Gotta love a MacGregor! My app says PA to Friday Harbor is 37.8nm. We’re meeting Peter and Lydia there and will stay two nights so we can go hike and whatnot. Then buddy boating from there on Friday to Blaine. I would post a snapshot of my route on DeepZoom (LOVE DeepZoom!) but can’t seem to be able to. Hope this is good enough (Darry)!

  46. Teacher’s Pet will be attending. Sail plan to follow.

  47. Joined MYCBC today!! 😁
    I’m new to sailing. Bought my ’94 26S only 10 days ago. Very keen to learn all I can.
    Not yet sure if Ripple Effect will be there, will speak more with other members, likely at Friday’s Zoom meeting, to make a plan and get a better feel for how things work.
    Nile certainly will be attending all days. Look forward to meeting everyone!

  48. Clara & Fred, DragnFly

    Well, we won’t be able to make it to the regatta after all. We are sorry we are going to miss it, especially seeing all our favorite boaters!

  49. Joe and Tracy on Katerina are in! Plan to leave Point Roberts Saturday am arriving in Blaine by 10 am. Looking forward to seeing you all.

  50. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime. Will be trailering down today instead of sailing, returning Monday morning.

  51. MOVER will be there. Also looking into Desolation afterwards.

  52. On Eagles’ Wings is planning on being there.

  53. Gemini passage plan
    Thursday depart Blaine 1130 to arrive Active Pass 1350 for 2 kt ebb current decreasing. Arrive Montague Harbour 1645 to clear customs with Nexus. Moor for the night.
    Depart Montague 0845 for Porlier Pass. Arrive 1045 for 2 kt flood decreasing. Arrive Bowen 1600

  54. Unfortunately, Heavent Sent won’t be there. We need to cancel this trip. See you at the next event!

  55. Brian and Anne-Marie will beat Bown in Rapture, see you there

  56. Journey is booked Fri-Sun

    My co-owner Robin and family (Maria, Kaylem, Rowen) will be coming with sv Journey Friday evening – I’ll be aboard with Ukulele workshop tech gear. We’ll try to coordinate floatilla with Rapture and Maquinna from BCM. (Anyone launching from Vanier?)

    I’ll catch the ferry back to Vancouver Friday evening once all settled in, then back Saturday (possibly with Annabelle/Julia) following VSO DoM afternoon performance – hopefully in time for potluck and then offer ukulele workshop, then back on the ferry home so to play for Jesus Sunday morning.

  57. 10 Boats attended
    Gemini, Mover, Rapture, Impulse, Saynomore, Nauti Nuff Time, Cassiopeia, Later Mate, MacQuinna, and Journey.
    3 crew without boats. DeeSeas, Teacher’s Pet and 2Wish’N
    Highlights included: Wine and Cheese, Pancake Breakfast, Workshop #1 cancelled due to weather, Interesting Dock Walk and Boat Tours, Potluck, Teacher’s Pet won the 50/50 and Michael presented an awesome Ukelele Workshop

  58. 11 boats attended. 2Wish’n, Summerzcool, Windchime, Mover, Gemini, DeeSeas, Later Mate, Cassiopeia, Mist A Sea, Katerina, Cedar Wind.
    7 crews attended without their boats: Puffin, Blue Glass, Misses Sunshine, Marlon, Nile, Journey, Ken & Carole.
    VHF Presentation, Women’s Dock Talk, Women’s Confidence Cruise, Safety Sail cancelled – too few boats, Potluck with set up and decorations by DeeSeas, Concert by Cheryl, 50/50 won by Blue Glass, Regatta Race with Cedar Wind 1st, Windchime 2nd, Later Mate 3rd (Summerzcool had to withdraw due to family issues).
    Thanks Doug for the Committee Boat and Regatta Captains Brian and Elaine.

  59. Better put MOVER on this list!

  60. Heaven Sent will be attending, reservation confirmed.
    Arrival Date: Friday 06/28/2024
    Departure Date: Tuesday 07/02/2024
    Slip: H30
    Passage plan to follow.
    See you soon!

  61. Journey will be late to the party – arriving Monday July 1- July 2.
    Hoping to grab a ball off Sidney Spit Jul 2-3
    Montague Jul 3-4
    Pirates Cove Jul 4-5
    Return to port/False creek Jul 5

  62. Good Day all,

    I’ll be arriving on Friday with my 26M on the trailer. I just bought it last summer and have yet to sail it. If someone is available to help me rig it up and show me the ropes that would be great. I have very little sailing experience.

    I put in a request to reserve a moorage space. Hopefully I’ll get a spot last minute. Either way, I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Best regards,

    Danny McDonald

  63. Hi Danny,
    What is the name of your boat?

  64. With regards to the potluck on Sunday: If you need the BBQ, the marina will supply it.
    As of today, the following boats are registered with Port Sidney Marina:
    Blue Glass
    Cedar Wind
    Heaven Sent
    Morning Star

  65. Change in Sail Plan do to weather
    Leaving today June 26 at 1530 for False Creek
    leaving June 27 at 0530 for Montague via Porlier Pass

  66. Heaven Sent launching on Fri Jun 28, about 10:00 AM from Steveston
    Active Pass Slack 10:25 AM
    Ebb 1:33 PM 3kts 225′
    Slack 4:29 PM turns to flooding
    ETA to Sidney about 17:30
    Slip H30
    Depart Sidney on Tue Jul 02
    Active Pass Slack 8:35AM
    Flood 12:05 4.9kts 45′
    Slack 3:51 PM turns to ebb
    Back to Steveston

  67. Rapture will be there.
    Booking confirmed.
    Arrival time to be confirmed.
    Leaving July 3rd or before

  68. Departing Esquimalt Harbor 1130. Under power for transit. Approx 24NM total distance. Will travel at 6kts and take my time. ETA NLT 1900.

  69. Heaven Sent arriving Fri, Aug 2nd and departing Monday, Aug 5th

  70. Andrew Ambrocichuk

    Missy from Calgary with Andrew and Courtney onboard are planning to attend. We are looking into Blaine Marina to start, open to ideas of where to park and leave our trailer. Sail plan to follow.

  71. Andrew, you can park and leave your trailer at Blaine Marina, large parking area and only $9:00 US for I think 5 days. There might be a few others leaving from Blaine. Watch the web site.