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  1. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Andy and Caroline are paid up and looking forward to attending this event.

  2. Peter and Lydia are also paid for the “End of Year” festivities. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

  3. Darry & Leisa Major

    Darry and Leisa from Windchime will be there … looking forward to it!

  4. I’ll be there. It’ll be good to see people in person!

  5. Dee Seas will be there.

  6. Wyatt and Valerie

    Nauti Nuff Time will be there.

  7. We can’t find a link to “register and pay” (or something like that), we decided we can make it work. 2 of us and our friend whose boat we are staying on at Reed Point.

    Cheryl And Todd

  8. Eric & Valerie from S/V MacGregor will be there 🙂

  9. Tim Nicholas And Gail Will Be there. E transfer sent

  10. Gemini has reserved online. Arriving Thursday and departing Monday. Waiting for confirmation of slip in April.

  11. Zephyr has submitted a moorage request arriving Thursday, departing Monday.

  12. Saynomore is booked arriving June 29 Thursday departing July 3 Monday
    Sail plan to follow in June from REED POINT Marina

  13. Carlos Taylhardat

    Sequoyah has reserved, anybody wants to sail out together from downtown? Burrard

  14. Teacher’s Pet has reserved. Arriving Saturday, July 1. Leaving Monday, July 3. Sail plan to follow.

  15. Gemini will be there. Arriving Friday and departing Monday

  16. 2Wish’n is planning to attend! Arriving on Friday from Pt Robert’s Marina and departing on Monday back to Pt. Robert’s Marina, WA.

  17. 2Wish’n is planning to attend this event. We will be arriving from Pt. Robert’s, WA. Because we have to clear CA Customs we may go a day ahead. We have submitted a reservation request for Jun 1 – 4 (3 nights) via there website reservation option. We will be returning on Sun Jun 4th to Pt. Robert’s, WA.

  18. 2Wish’n is planning to attend. We would be coming in from Pt. Robert’s WA 31.5 nm arriving Fri Aug 4 – departing Mon Aug 7 back to Pt. Robert’s, WA Marina.

  19. 2Wish’n is planning to attend. We would be arriving from Pt. Robert’s, WA (16.8 nm) on Fri Sep 1 – departing back to Pt. Robert’s either Sun Sep 3 or Mon Sep 4 TBD.

  20. Woman to Blame has sent in the reservation online requesting a slip close to the event tent. This is the 43′ boat so I’m not sure how close we will get! For the pot-luck could we bring enough wine to do a “Wine Tasting” for everyone? Might be fun. Will bring a prize too.

  21. Oh, we will arrive Friday…someone thinks we need to work on Thursday getting out MacGregor parts to people…Hummm We will leave Sunday morning most likely for Friday Harbor.

  22. Summerzcool will be there! Will arrive early Friday and return Monday, as long as the boss lets us off work! Do you want me to do the coffee and treats again?

  23. Dee Seas is planning on attending.

  24. Dee Seas is planning on attending.

  25. Gemini will be there.

  26. Gemini hopes to be moored in Blaine so it will be a short cruise to the visitors dock

  27. We are hoping to attend, will depend on when we get back from Arizona. I have accumulated some boat stuff that I will bring, if anyone wants it, it will be free. Really doubt we will get another boat.

  28. Teacher’s Pet plans to be there. Details to follow . . .

  29. MOVER plans to be there.

  30. Michael & Carrie have reservations from Thursday, departing on Monday. We will sail to Victoria on Monday.

  31. Planning to come, leaving Anacortes early Saturday sail up and spend the night. We will need 45′ of dock space and 9′ draft, yea going to come on the big boat. Will host chips, cheese, and wine on our boat in the evening if you would like. If this is a problem with the size of the boat I can make my own reservations, let me know. This is the start of our vacation this year. We will be out for at least 2 weeks, maybe 3.

  32. Later Mate planning to be there. Will sail over from Pt. Roberts likely Friday…

  33. Later Mate is planning to attend, arrive Friday from Pt. Roberts and leave Monday.

  34. Dee Seas is confirmed for June 2-4. Leaving from and returning to Sunset Marina.

  35. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Cassiopeia (Caroline and Andy) will be there.

    We are also planning to go to Sucia Island afterwards for two nights. Will post in Member cruises for those that are interested to join.

  36. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Cassiopeia made an online reservation request for June 28 – July 3.

  37. How do I reserve for a place on the spring 2023 confidence cruise please?
    Terence Carleton

  38. Please register me for the confidence cruise on either April 1 or 2.
    Terence Carleton

  39. So Belinda & I have the float house at USSC booked for this weekend. The plan is to visit some family and join the gang for the weekend. But…we’re hoping that we can hitch a ride with someone and crew for the ride back and forth. Belinda says she’ll play the ukulele for you too! It’s a win-win for everyone!

  40. Saynomore is booked
    Sail plan to follow

  41. Reserved for June 2nd and 3rd, checking out on the 4th.

  42. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Impulse is booked for Friday to Sunday

    June 2
    – Leaving Cates Park approximately 0900
    – Arriving at 2nd Narrows at 0930
    – Ebbing tide turning at 1204 daylight savings time (DST)
    -Arriving at 1st Narrows at 1030
    – Ebbing tide turning at 1159 DST
    – Arriving at Union Steamship Marina in the late afternoon

    June 4
    – Leaving around noon
    – 1229 DST low tide to a flooding tide
    – Anchoring in Plumper Bay or possibly further north in Smuggler’s Cove.

  43. Hello
    Jim and Karry would like to register for the McFoulie please and I (Karry) am interested in the Women’s Confidence Cruise as well but I am not sure where to sign up for this.
    Thank you.

  44. Hi – we took the first confidence (awesome) cruise and would like to take the 2nd one. So please sign us up for this one if it’s the right level. Thanks!
    Sharon and John (Puffin)

  45. Hi – we are keen to take the Mac sailing confidence cruise (the one after the intro). If this is the right one please sign us up! Thanks! Sharon and John (Puffin)

  46. Hello – My interest is registered above. It has to be step 1 so please.sign us up.
    Shizue and Terence Carleton

  47. Please sign me up for 2023 Mac Sailing.

  48. Val from Nauti nuff Time would like a Mulligan on her Macskills and start over if possible…..

  49. Val would like to attend this year.

  50. Tim Nicholas; Hoping to not miss out this year for the McFoulie. I would like to register again.

    Thank You

  51. This is Tomas & Sarah Drozdzik, we would like to get registered on the MacSkills For April 2nd.

  52. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Impulse – Alex will be attending the meeting.

  53. Hi Darry, we tried to get on MacSailing last year too, but we weren’t selected. We would really appreciate it if you could please sign us up this time – Carmen and Dan (Plan B). Thanks.

  54. Darry & Leisa Major

    2023 Women’s Confidence Cruise

    Saturday May 20, 2023
    Blaine Washington (at the MYCBC Regatta)
    11:00am – 3:00-ish pm. (same time that the rest of fleet is doing the Safety Sail)

    Host Boat:
    2 Wish’n / onboard is co-owner Shelley Harris

    Sail Coach:
    Cheryl McChesney (Blue Water Yachts)

    – Karry Desmone
    – open

    If you are interested in joining the fun, please sign up by posting in this forum.

  55. This is Clyde clay I would like to get registered for either the April 1 or April 2 for the next Macskills.


  56. Valerie would like to participate!

  57. Hi there Jan and I (Cat’s Cradle) have reserved online …arriving 6/30 …leaving 7/3…sailing down from Comox …open itinerary before and after long weekend …may meet up with grandkids …not sure yet

  58. Myself and my wife Elsha is would like to attend and make put boat Tintin available. Cobus Kriek 403 710 7156

  59. Please add Carmen and Dan (Plan B). Thank you.

  60. Darry & Leisa Major

    Welcome aboard 2023 MacSkills Sailors !

    If you already signed-up, and do not see you name on the list below … contact me asap.

    2023 Order of Priority Boarding;

    (2) Brian Sieben & Dawn Andrews
    (1) Tim Caldwell
    (2) Tomas and Sarah Drozdzik
    (2) Shizue and Terence Carleton
    (1) Valerie Woodhead
    (1) Clyde Clay
    (2) Cobus and Elsha Kriek

    Darry Major
    MYCBC Education / Safety Office, Active Past Commodore
    “Sail Safe and Leave Only Wake”

  61. If there is still room for one more I would li,e to participate.

  62. Carlos Taylhardat

    Hi Darry,
    I want to attend MacSaliling. I have a Mac26M

  63. Ooh, ooh! Pick me!

  64. Alice Mist-A-Sea

  65. Michael Reall: I would like to register for the McFoulieI course on September 23/24.