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  1. Gemini has reserved online. Arriving Thursday and departing Monday. Waiting for confirmation of slip in April.

    • Gemini Passage Plan
      Wednesday June 28- late morning – depart Blaine for Sucia Is. (18 nm) travel time about 3 hr.
      Thursday June 29 – Depart Sucia 0800 for Sidney (22 nm) travel time 4.5 hr. Arrive 1300 clear customs and ready for Thursday Night Street Market.

      Return (Gemini will be staying out for a few more days but if we were returning this would be the plan
      Monday July 3- Depart Sidney 0930 (22 nm) -4hr to 1400 slack to flood at Saturna then (18 nm) 3 hr to Blaine.

      • Oops forgot to clear customs into US. On the return July 3. Possibilities include Roche Harbor or Point Roberts for face to face or using “Roam App” on the water near Point Roberts (in case they ask you to report in person).

  2. Zephyr has submitted a moorage request arriving Thursday, departing Monday.

    • Just received our moorage confirmation this morning. Arriving Thursday, June 29th, departing for other Gulf Islands destinations on Monday, July 3. We have our usual spot, slip A-14, right beside the party dock. Sail plan will follow eventually but likely leaving Burrard Civic on Wednesday, June 28th, overnight in Montague, then on to Sidney Thursday morning.

      • We plan on departing Burrard Civic Marina 0900 28 June (Wednesday) to hit 1400 slack at Porlier Pass. ETA Montague Harbour 1600 to catch a mooring ball. Depart Montague late morning 29 June for the three hour trip to Port Sidney, arriving in time for the Thursday market.
        Departing Sidney Monday (July 3rd) and remaining in the Gulf Islands (destinations TBD) until Sunday, July 16th with a likely crossing back to Burrard Civic on the 17th. Refer to Saynomore’s sail plan below.

  3. Saynomore is booked arriving June 29 Thursday departing July 3 Monday
    Sail plan to follow in June from REED POINT Marina



      REED POINT MARINA 27-Jun 1200 12.6 FL 0.5 HIGH TIDE 2.6FT
      SECOND NARROWS 1300 FL 0.5 SLACK 1430
      ENGLISH BAY EBB 1617
      BURRARD MARINA 27-Jun 1600
      GEORGIA FL 1
      MONTAGUE HRBR 29-Jun 930 FL 1 1036 FL 2KN,
      SIDNEY MARINA FL 2 1248 FL 2KN
      SIDNEY MARINA 03-Jul 1130 FL 1
      SIDNEY SPIT fl 1 FL 1230
      SIDNEY SPIT 04-Jul 900 fl 1 SLK 825 TO FLD 1KN
      TOD INLET FD 1300
      TOD INLET 06-Jul 930 EBB 1
      MUSGRAVE LANDING/ GENOA M 07-Jul 1030 EBB 0.5 SLK 1330 FLD 1430
      MAPLE BAY 1330
      MAPLE BAY 08-Jul 1100 EBB 0.75
      CHEMANUS/CROFTON 09-Jul 930 FL 1
      LADYSMITH FL 1230
      PIRATES COVE FL 1400
      PIRATES COVE 15-Jul 745 FLD 1.5 DODDS SLK 0911
      NANAIMO 17-Jul 700 FL 1 JUL 16 1PM FISH
      FIRST NARROWS 17-Jul 1230 FD 1 SLK 1302
      SECOND NARROWS 1350 EBB 1 SLK 1253
      BURRARD MARINA 17-Jul FD 1 1230

  4. Carlos Taylhardat

    Sequoyah has reserved, anybody wants to sail out together from downtown? Burrard

    • Carlos, not sure what day you are planning on crossing. Zephyr is departing Burrard Civic on Wednesday, June 27th and meeting Saynomore in English Bay, crossing together through Porlier to Montague Harbour for the night. Then on to Sidney on Thursday. We will not be returning after the weekend, we are staying the Gulf Islands for two weeks. If you want to join us for the trip across, let us know.

  5. Teacher’s Pet has reserved. Arriving Saturday, July 1. Leaving Monday, July 3. Sail plan to follow.

  6. Gemini will be there. Arriving Friday and departing Monday

    • Gemini Passage Plan
      Friday Aug 4- depart Blaine 0900 (20 nm) travel time 4 hr to Hale Pass (east side of Lummi) Is for about .5 it current with us, then (10 nm) about 2 hr to Squalicum Marina (Bellingham).

      Gemini will be carrying on South for a couple weeks, but if we were returning this would be our plan.

      Monday Aug 7- depart Bellingham 0930 (10 nm) 2 hr for slack 1130 at Hale Pass, then (20 nm) 4 hr to Blaine Marina.

  7. 2Wish’n is planning to attend! Arriving on Friday from Pt Robert’s Marina and departing on Monday back to Pt. Robert’s Marina, WA.

    • 2Wish’n UPDATE
      – tentative – trailering to Blaine Thur May 18th – rig & potentially launch
      – due to work schedules return to Pt. Robert’s Marina (wxx pending) Sun May 21 after the race

      • 2Wish’n UPDATE April 15, 2023

We will be trailering to Blaine Thur May 18th to rig & launch. We are hoping to be able to stay Sunday May 21st for the race but it depends on Monday’s work schedule. Either way we will now be trailering home to Ladner, South Delta, BC.

  8. 2Wish’n is planning to attend this event. We will be arriving from Pt. Robert’s, WA. Because we have to clear CA Customs we may go a day ahead. We have submitted a reservation request for Jun 1 – 4 (3 nights) via there website reservation option. We will be returning on Sun Jun 4th to Pt. Robert’s, WA.

  9. 2Wish’n is planning to attend. We would be coming in from Pt. Robert’s WA 31.5 nm arriving Fri Aug 4 – departing Mon Aug 7 back to Pt. Robert’s, WA Marina.

    • 2Wish’n will be there.

      This will be our first time taking 2Wish’n south of Pt. Robert’s & Blaine WA. At this point we are working through either trailering to Blaine to launch and then cruise to Bellingham Thur Aug 3 or go directly to Bellingham to launch. Arrival mode pending but the goal is still to arrive on Thur Aug 3rd. ⛵️⚓️

      • 2Wish’n UPDATE

        Thur Aug 3rd:
        – we are trailering to Blaine, WA launching & overnighting at the Blaine Harbour Marina.

        Fri Aug 4th:
        – cruising from Blaine Harbour Marina to Squalicum Marina, Bellingham WA via Hale Passage
        – distance 29.6 nm at estimated cruising speed 5 kt 5.92 hrs / 5 hrs 55 min
        – 0900 eta 1455

        Further cruise planning pending.

        We will be accompanying Gemini so we’re in good hands for our first time to this, new for us, destination! ⛵️⚓️

  10. 2Wish’n is planning to attend. We would be arriving from Pt. Robert’s, WA (16.8 nm) on Fri Sep 1 – departing back to Pt. Robert’s either Sun Sep 3 or Mon Sep 4 TBD.

    • 2Wish’n Passage Plan Sep 1 – 4, 2023

      Point Roberts to Sucia 16.8 nm (16.93 nm)
      7 kn 2.4 = 2:24 hrs
      6 kn 2.8 = 2:48 hrs
      5 kn 3.36 = 3:22 hrs

      As of Wed Aug 23, 2023
      Outbound to Sucia: Fri. Sep 1, 2023
      – Ideal arrival at Fossil Bay 1300
      10:00 depart Pt Roberts
      – 8 kn NW (316 true)winds
      – 1-1.25 current
      – ebbing tide with low tide at 1300 (based on Blaine, Semiahmoo Bay – source
      12:48 ETA Sucia
      * a nice cruise with favourable winds and current at our stern

      Inbound to Pt Roberts: Mon Sep 4, 2023 TBD

      2Wish’n Information:
      MacGregor 2008 26M sailboat
      Registration: BC BC1255411
      White with black hull & black enclosure
      MMSI #(316) 040-215 – onboard radio
      MI # (831) 602-851 – handheld radio (dinghy)

      Cell 778-549-4785 (in Canada)
      Shelley Harris-Kolshuk
      Dan Kolshuk

      • As of Aug 31, 2023 at 22:09

        Return Passage Mon Sep 4th Sucia – Point Roberts
        Depart raft 0900 eta approx 1200

        rise: 0633 – set 1950

        high 0946 (flood) – low 1514 (ebb)

        Currents (in kn):
        Going with the currents
        0859 – 0954 @ <.25 – 1.
        0954 – 1040 @ 1. – changing

        Going against the currents- on an ebb tide
        1040 – 1126 @ .5 – .25
        1126 – 1212 @ .75 – 1.

        0900 – 1230 averaging 2 to 3 kt SE / S nice trail wind

  11. Woman to Blame has sent in the reservation online requesting a slip close to the event tent. This is the 43′ boat so I’m not sure how close we will get! For the pot-luck could we bring enough wine to do a “Wine Tasting” for everyone? Might be fun. Will bring a prize too.

  12. Oh, we will arrive Friday…someone thinks we need to work on Thursday getting out MacGregor parts to people…Hummm We will leave Sunday morning most likely for Friday Harbor.

  13. Summerzcool will be there! Will arrive early Friday and return Monday, as long as the boss lets us off work! Do you want me to do the coffee and treats again?

  14. Dee Seas is planning on attending.

  15. Dee Seas is planning on attending.

  16. Gemini will be there.

  17. Gemini hopes to be moored in Blaine so it will be a short cruise to the visitors dock

  18. We are hoping to attend, will depend on when we get back from Arizona. I have accumulated some boat stuff that I will bring, if anyone wants it, it will be free. Really doubt we will get another boat.

  19. Teacher’s Pet plans to be there. Details to follow . . .

  20. MOVER plans to be there.

  21. Michael & Carrie have reservations from Thursday, departing on Monday. We will sail to Victoria on Monday.

  22. Planning to come, leaving Anacortes early Saturday sail up and spend the night. We will need 45′ of dock space and 9′ draft, yea going to come on the big boat. Will host chips, cheese, and wine on our boat in the evening if you would like. If this is a problem with the size of the boat I can make my own reservations, let me know. This is the start of our vacation this year. We will be out for at least 2 weeks, maybe 3.

  23. Later Mate planning to be there. Will sail over from Pt. Roberts likely Friday…

  24. Later Mate is planning to attend, arrive Friday from Pt. Roberts and leave Monday.

  25. Dee Seas is confirmed for June 2-4. Leaving from and returning to Sunset Marina.

  26. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Cassiopeia (Caroline and Andy) will be there.

    We are also planning to go to Sucia Island afterwards for two nights. Will post in Member cruises for those that are interested to join.

  27. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Cassiopeia made an online reservation request for June 28 – July 3.

  28. How do I reserve for a place on the spring 2023 confidence cruise please?
    Terence Carleton

  29. Please register me for the confidence cruise on either April 1 or 2.
    Terence Carleton

  30. So Belinda & I have the float house at USSC booked for this weekend. The plan is to visit some family and join the gang for the weekend. But…we’re hoping that we can hitch a ride with someone and crew for the ride back and forth. Belinda says she’ll play the ukulele for you too! It’s a win-win for everyone!

  31. Saynomore is booked
    Sail plan to follow



      DATE’23 TIME ft kn DATE TIME
      REED POINT MARINA 02-Jun 10:00 low ebb .5 repairs 6/01 9am
      SECOND NARROWS 11:00 2.2 ebb 1.0 low 10:45 slack 2nd 11:56
      FIRST NARROWS 11:56 3 fl 1.0 low 11:50
      ENGLISH BAY 12:30 fl 2.0 1230/1300
      BURRARD MARINA fl 1/2.0


      SNUG COVE USM fl 1.5 02-Jun 1500

      SNUG COVE USM 04-Jun 1030 fl 1.0 pt Atkin 1100 fl1.0

      English bay 1130/1200 slack
      FIRST NARROWS low 1220 1 ebb 0.5 slack
      SECOND NARROWS low 1356 0.5 fl 1.0 slack
      REED POINT MARINA 1.5 fl 1.0 1500

  32. Reserved for June 2nd and 3rd, checking out on the 4th.

  33. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Impulse is booked for Friday to Sunday

    June 2
    – Leaving Cates Park approximately 0900
    – Arriving at 2nd Narrows at 0930
    – Ebbing tide turning at 1204 daylight savings time (DST)
    -Arriving at 1st Narrows at 1030
    – Ebbing tide turning at 1159 DST
    – Arriving at Union Steamship Marina in the late afternoon

    June 4
    – Leaving around noon
    – 1229 DST low tide to a flooding tide
    – Anchoring in Plumper Bay or possibly further north in Smuggler’s Cove.

  34. Hello
    Jim and Karry would like to register for the McFoulie please and I (Karry) am interested in the Women’s Confidence Cruise as well but I am not sure where to sign up for this.
    Thank you.

  35. Hi – we took the first confidence (awesome) cruise and would like to take the 2nd one. So please sign us up for this one if it’s the right level. Thanks!
    Sharon and John (Puffin)

  36. Hi – we are keen to take the Mac sailing confidence cruise (the one after the intro). If this is the right one please sign us up! Thanks! Sharon and John (Puffin)

  37. Hello – My interest is registered above. It has to be step 1 so please.sign us up.
    Shizue and Terence Carleton

  38. Please sign me up for 2023 Mac Sailing.

  39. Val from Nauti nuff Time would like a Mulligan on her Macskills and start over if possible…..

  40. Val would like to attend this year.

  41. Tim Nicholas; Hoping to not miss out this year for the McFoulie. I would like to register again.

    Thank You

  42. This is Tomas & Sarah Drozdzik, we would like to get registered on the MacSkills For April 2nd.

  43. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Impulse – Alex will be attending the meeting.

  44. Hi Darry, we tried to get on MacSailing last year too, but we weren’t selected. We would really appreciate it if you could please sign us up this time – Carmen and Dan (Plan B). Thanks.

  45. Darry & Leisa Major

    2023 Women’s Confidence Cruise

    Saturday May 20, 2023
    Blaine Washington (at the MYCBC Regatta)
    11:00am – 3:00-ish pm. (same time that the rest of fleet is doing the Safety Sail)

    Host Boat:
    2 Wish’n / onboard is co-owner Shelley Harris

    Sail Coach:
    Cheryl McChesney (Blue Water Yachts)

    – Karry Desmone
    – open

    If you are interested in joining the fun, please sign up by posting in this forum.

  46. This is Clyde clay I would like to get registered for either the April 1 or April 2 for the next Macskills.


  47. Valerie would like to participate!

  48. Hi there Jan and I (Cat’s Cradle) have reserved online …arriving 6/30 …leaving 7/3…sailing down from Comox …open itinerary before and after long weekend …may meet up with grandkids …not sure yet

  49. Myself and my wife Elsha is would like to attend and make put boat Tintin available. Cobus Kriek 403 710 7156

  50. Please add Carmen and Dan (Plan B). Thank you.

  51. Darry & Leisa Major

    Welcome aboard 2023 MacSkills Sailors !

    If you already signed-up, and do not see you name on the list below … contact me asap.

    2023 Order of Priority Boarding;

    (2) Brian Sieben & Dawn Andrews
    (1) Tim Caldwell
    (2) Tomas and Sarah Drozdzik
    (2) Shizue and Terence Carleton
    (1) Valerie Woodhead
    (1) Clyde Clay
    (2) Cobus and Elsha Kriek

    Darry Major
    MYCBC Education / Safety Office, Active Past Commodore
    “Sail Safe and Leave Only Wake”

  52. If there is still room for one more I would li,e to participate.

  53. Carlos Taylhardat

    Hi Darry,
    I want to attend MacSaliling. I have a Mac26M

  54. Ooh, ooh! Pick me!

    • We might not show up with our boat, but we are still planning to be there Saturday in time. (I hope our waiting list people are still prepared just in case.)

  55. Alice Mist-A-Sea

  56. Michael Reall: I would like to register for the McFoulieI course on September 23/24.

  57. Hello MacGregor Women members! Welcome to our Women on the Water (WOW) initiative, that being our 2023 Women’s Confidence Cruise! Here is our WOW Team:
    Currently full with 5 participants:
    Coach- Cheryle McChesney
    Member vessel- 2Wish’n (2008 26M) – Shelley Harris
    Shelley Harris
    Karry Desmone
    Valerie Woodhead
    Alice Davies

    As life goes our schedules change so I encourage you to put your name on the waitlist if you would like to learn more about operating your boat. Please just add your name to this link so I can put you on the waitlist⛵️

    Also please join us for our WOW Zoom Thur Mar 30th at 7:00 pm!

  58. Hi,
    Please add my name to the waitlist for this event. I’

  59. Hi,
    Please add my name to the waitlist for this event.
    Sharon McGowan (Puffin)

  60. Puffin will drive down for Saturday. May stay till Sunday, dependent on dog sitter!

  61. Gemini is booked and hopes to meet up with Mover in the Gulf Islands on the way to Bowen. After the event we may be heading for Princess Louisa Inlet, weather permitting.

  62. UPDATE SUMMARY: Women’s Confidence Cruise May 20, 2023
    – MYCBC Blaine Regatta,
    – 1100 am – 3:00 pm

    For all women attending the Regatta you are welcome to join in for a brief dock talk given by Cheryl McChesney before 2Wish’n departs for our Women on the Water (WOW) cruise!

    We are currently full with 5 participants.

    Host Vessel:
    2Wish’n (2008 26M) Shelley Harris

    Sail Coach:
    Cheryl McChesney – Blue Water Yachts

    Shelley Harris – 2Wish’n (2008 26M)
    Karry Desmone – Aurora (2003 26M)
    Valerie Woodhead – Nauti’ Nuff Time (2002 26X)
    Alice Davies – Mist-a-Sea (1997 26X)

    Sharon McGowan – Puffin (2008 26M)

    If you are interested in participating in the Women’s Conference Cruise please put your name here or email me at and I will add you to the waitlist. ⛵️

    Sails Up,
    MYCBC WOW ⛵️

    • Judy, I hope you are ready to fill in. We’ll get into the water by the afternoon with Mist-A-Sea, but I’m going to miss WoW tomorrow. Put me in for next time!

  63. Wyatt and Valerie

    We will be driving down for the 20th.

  64. Wyatt and Valerie

    Nauti Nuff Time is booked in, sail plan to follow.

  65. Neal Randall-Smith

    Cedar Wind will attend. We have our own slip at the marina

  66. We need to cancel this trip. I have notified the Port.

  67. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime has a slip confirmed and will be attending.
    Sailplan to follow.

  68. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime will be attending.
    Sailplan to follow.

  69. Darry & Leisa Major

    Windchime will be attending.
    Sailplan to follow.

  70. Teacher’s Pet will be driving to Bowen. I’ll be chaperoning the cottage, which is officially christened the “MacShack”.

  71. Bonnie Lass / Walt (Kelly) Ryan, will be there and attend.
    I’m not sure about the better half yet (Bonnie) because of an earlier scheduled horse event on Saturday but we will see. I would love to introduce her to all of you.

    I will contact the marina for any necessary scheduling and arranging ASAP.
    As well, i’ll volunteer for all three days as needed. Please keep me in mind if you need anything picked up here in Washington or “wine” country, also!

    I will attend and I will bring the Bonnie Lass as well, for your reviews and input.
    Be gentle and NO haters!
    Thank you

  72. We’re going to do our darndest to be there with Mist-A-Sea in the water!!!

  73. WOW – Blaine Regatta Women’s Confidence Cruise update:

    Shelley Harris – 2Wish’n (2008 26M)
    Valerie Woodhead – Nauti’ Nuff Time (2002 26X)
    Alice Davies – Mist-a-Sea (1997 26X)
    Sharon McGowan – Puffin (2008 26M)


  74. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Cates Park boat ramp and parking, North Vancouver

    1. The park is open daily 0600 to 2200.
    2. The park allows only 1 overnight parking.
    3. You must buy 2 day tickets ($20 each) from the payment stand which accepts credit cards only.
    4. Place the tickets on your dashboard along with a note to the park ranger stating where you are going and when you will return to the park.
    5. Further questions can be directed to District of North Vancouver 604-990-2311.

    Obviously this doesn’t work for our MacRendezvous

    One can park in residential areas for 72 hours. I would suggest leaving a note on you dashboard with your contact information. It might be a long walk back to the boat. Check out Google map.

  75. Greg Buckmaster

    Would like to attend this. Thanks. Greg

  76. Gemini will be there

    • Gemini passage plan
      Arrive Blaine Friday afternoon to provision and enjoy fish and chips for dinner. Sleep on boat .
      Depart 0930 on ebb to arrive Sucia about 1200 and help build the raft.
      We will be staying out a couple more days but if we were to return Monday a departure about 0900 would give a flood current push pretty much all day. Arriving Blaine about noon.

  77. Teacher’s Pet is planning on attending. Probably arriving Friday and leaving on Monday.

  78. Heaven Sent is booked June 2-4, sail plan to follow

  79. General Note:
    I double checked the date of the fireworks, and I’m pretty sure they’re on Friday, not Thursday

    • Yep, you caught me. That’s changing last years dates with this years. I will adjust to fit this year. Street market Thursday the 29th and fireworks Friday the 30th

  80. Rapture (Brian and Anne-Marie) planning to be there but without the boat. Will probably arrive Saturday morning in time for workshops.

  81. Rapture will be attending. We booked marina a while ago and have been trying to call them to confirm that we have a reservation. Will be coming from Burrard Marina on Friday.

  82. We booked a spot at the marina a long time ago. However, our plans might change. We will keep you posted. If we can’t make it, we will advertise so that someone else in the Club can take it.

  83. Heaven Sent (Dan and Helen ) planning to be there without the boat. Driving down on Saturday

  84. MOVER is planning to arrive at Horseshoe on June 1 for overnight stay. Then Bowen the next day, Friday.

  85. Greg Buckmaster

    Myself and my wife Judy are going to try to come down Saturday, we won’t have a boat.

  86. Harmony will be on our way Sunday as soon as I’ve finished playing for Jesus (Ascension evensong… so a long day at church 8am-5pm) – likely arriving during dinner hour and cheer on the reward recipients, then back home

    • Blast…Julia’s best friend scored tickets for the circus tonight and invited us along… I’m not winning winning this battle!
      See y’all at Bowen Saturday afternoon ^^

  87. Linda and Alex Boronowski

    Alex and Linda will be attending on Saturday but without a boat.

  88. Gemini Passage Plan
    Thur June 1 Depart Blaine at 10:00 (earlier if sailing looks good) for Porlier Slack to flood at 1610 then on to Pirate’s Cove.
    Fri June 2 Depart Pirate’s 0900 for Gabriola slack to flood 0950 to arrive Bowen about 1400.
    Sun June 4 Depart Bowen for Princess Louisa Inlet Member Cruise (see Member’s Cruises)

  89. 2023 Regatta Summary
    9 Boats attended – Bonnie Lass, Cedar Wind, Later Mate, Cassiopeia, Summerzcool, Mover, Gemini, DeeSeas, and 2WishN.
    8 Crew arrived without their boats – Rapture, Impulse, Heaven Sent, Nauti Nuff Time, Puffin, Teacher’s Pet, Gerry Mitchell, and Greg & Judy.

    Lots of Special Thanks:
    Cheryl & Todd for Breakfast & Treats
    DeeSeas for Regatta Committee Boat & Potluck MYCBC decorations
    Cheryl & Shelley for the Women’s Confidence Cruise
    Gerry – donated anchor for markers and many future door prizes
    Everyone for great set up and clean up of Potluck

    Regatta Results
    Summerzcool – First Across the Line and Best Corrected Time
    Cedar Wind – Second Best Corrected Time

  90. I will be attending the rendezvous, leaving Reed Point Friday evening will arrive at Union steamship Marina around 9pm Friday.
    I have a confirmation from the marina.
    We will be departing on Sunday, heading back to Reed point.

  91. Harmony will be coming after Julia’s Ballet Recital in North Van Saturday morning – travelling on foot via ferry, returning after potluck.

    For those coming from Burrard Inlet, highly recommend Granite Falls on your return Sunday afternoon/evening… we were up two weeks ago, spectacular (though the part of the upper dock/ramp floor boards were missing, but can still get across with caution)

    • Glad you 3 can make it! Feel free to drop off your stuff at the MacShack, Cottage 1 when you arrive. My cell is 778-549-4785!⛵️🚗⚓️ if you need it.

  92. We have a booking at Sidney Marina but we won’t be able to attend so just wondered if anybody wants to take over the booking before we cancel.

  93. Neal Randall-Smith

    Cedar Wind has reserved online. To arrive Friday morning. Depart Sunday..mid day? We will be island hopping the San Juans the week preceding this event.

  94. Cruise Summary
    12 boats attended
    DeeSeas, On Eagles Wings, Heaven Sent, Mover, Gemini, MacGregor, Rapture, Misty Night, Nauti Nuff Time, Impulse, Zephyr, Saynomore.
    5 crew without boats:
    Cenote, 2Wish’N, Harmony, Puffin, Tickety Boo.
    Cottage #1 worked well for our events.

  95. Caroline and Andy Sigrist

    Cassiopeia Sailplan for Commodores Cruise to Port Sidney Marina

    June 27
    Launch at Vanier Park 2 – 3 pm (10 ft tide)
    Anchor for the night in False Creek near Olympic Village

    June 28
    Leave False Creek 8:00 am
    Arrive Active Pass 1:16 pm (Slack at 14:11, anticipate 1.5 knots against us) traveling 31.7 nm at 6 kt
    Arrive Sidney at 4:00 pm traveling 15.8 nm at 6 kt

    July 3
    Leave Sidney at 8:00 am
    Arrive Active Pass at Slack at Active Pass 10:38 (Slack at 11:07) traveling 15.8 nm at 6 kt
    Arrive Vanier Park 4 pm traveling 31.7 nm at 6 kt
    Retrieve boat onto trailer and drive home

    Post here if you want to join us to sail together

  96. Mist-A-Sea Skeleton Passage Plan

    Departure: Friday, June 30, Cast off from Point Roberts 12:30-1:30 pm for a lazy (or not so lazy) crossing of the Strait (minimum of 2:10) to catch an Active Pass slack at 4:06. Traversing the pass from 3:45 – 4:25 to arrive at Port Sidney at about 7. Slip on H dock.

    …Unless we can leave early and catch a side trip to Ganges Harbour, which calls for a 6:30 cast-off – depending on Canada Customs….

    Do we have to worry about tides at Point Roberts or Port Sidney Marinas?

    When should we be calling Canada Customs? Is there a closing time?

    Does anybody know if we can go directly to Ganges Harbour with non-Nexus travelers?

    Return Trip: Monday July 3 at 8:20 at the latest to catch the 11:09 Tide gate at Active Pass, traversing from 10:50 to 11:30. Arrive at Point Roberts about 2 hours later if we don’t leisurely sail home.

  97. Darry & Leisa Major

    Passage Plan:

    Event: MYCBC Commodores Cruise Sidney
    Dates: July 1-3, 2023
    Windchime: MacGregor 26X. Black on White
    Marinas: Crescent Beach to Sidney (return)
    Distance: 34 nm
    Duration: 5:40 @ 6 kts
    Onboard: Darry Major
    Crescent Beach Marina hours: 7a-7p
    * Move Windchime out of compound Friday night before 7p

    Saturday, July 1. Crescent Beach to Sidney (via Van Isle)

    7:30a – Castoff Crescent Beach on the ebb
    10:00a – Patos (tide gate. -2kts)
    1:00p – Van Isle (fuel)
    1:30p – Sidney

    @Crescent Beach:
    – 6’ ebbing @ 7:15a
    – low @ 10:30a (2’)
    – 11’ water exchange
    – low @ 9:45a (0’)
    – high @ 6:30p (+10’)

    @Patos Island Tide-Gate:
    – Max ebb @ 7:30a (-3 kts)
    – Slack to flood @ 12:05p

    Monday, July 3. Sidney to Crescent Beach (direct)

    9:30a – Cast off Sidney on the ebb
    12:30p – Patos (tide gate. -1.5 kts)
    3:00p – Arrive Crescent Beach
    3:30p – Pull out after refueling

    – low @ 11:05a (-1’)
    – high @ 7:50p (+11’)
    – 12’ water exchange
    @ Crescent Beach:
    – 6’ flooding @ 3:15p

    @Patos Island Tide-Gate:
    – Max ebb @ 9:10a (-3 kts)
    – Slack to flood @ 1:20p


  98. Harmony is booked June 30-Jul 3
    Pushing off from Burrard Civic hopefully 1pm to fight the currents to Port Sidney via Active pass where’s we’ll finally get catapulted through…. hopefully making the fireworks (10pm ETA?)… ugh… 45kn jouney!

  99. Eleven Boats
    Cassiopeia, MistASea, Puffin, Harmony, Windchime, Saynomore, Mover, Gemini, Zephyr, Celarity and Cedar wind.
    Business dropped into the Potluck to share stories of last year’s canal cruise.
    Members enjoyed the Thursday Night Street Fair, Crabbing and fireworks Friday, Saturday Walk, Parade, lunch at the pub and Potluck, Sunday cruise to the beach on Sidney Spit and “Boat” Wine tasting

  100. Mover is attending.
    Planning a Saturday arrival.

  101. Wyatt and Valerie

    Ufortunately we will not be able to make it that weekend.

  102. Mist-A-Sea will be there, driving to Bellingham to launch at the Marina on Saturday and staying till Monday. Exact schedules will depend on Family.

  103. Mist-A-Sea will be there, launching from Blaine Friday or Saturday. Return Monday. Sail plan to follow early August

    • We’ll be packing up on Friday to leave EARLY Saturday morning for a 7 am crossing and 8:00 launch. Over to the visitors dock to check in with the flotilla and wait for my nieces to arrive by about 9.

  104. Steve and Cathy will be coming to Bellingham for the day Saturday without our boat

  105. Neal Randall-Smith

    Neal and Michelle from Cedar Wind will be attending as crew for Windchime!

  106. Clara & Fred, DragnFly

    Clara and Fred will be coming but not with Dragnfly boat. We would like to catch up with the group and visit . we will plan for fri and sat. maybe sun.

  107. Clara & Fred, DragnFly

    Let us know if we can bring supplies or make a run to costco….

  108. Bonnie Lass and crew will be attending as well. Must get her back in the water… Boat as well. Repairs are done. Time to see her seaworthiness,
    So, plan to follow.
    Driving from Central Washington and any suggestions on proper port to sail out of would be so appreciated.

    • Darry & Leisa Major

      Hey Walt,

      Launching out a Bellingham or Blaine are both great options. Both are run by the same port authority, and both have a great facilities and ramps.

      – Blaine is likely a little longer drive for you, but a slightly shorter distance on the water, and no tide gate to worry about.
      – Bellingham, although maybe shorter distance to trailer does have the Rosario current to be aware of, but more time on the boat if that’s what you’re looking for.

      Either way. Please make sure you take some time and look at the current tables and establish a strong passage plan. We have lots of members with local experience … so if you wanted to share your plan we could certainly get extra eyes on it for you. 🙂

      See you there!

      Sail Safe … and Leave Only Wake

  109. Walt Kelly) Ryan Bonnie Lass) would very much like to join/register for this class, if there is still room for one more big guy, as well.

  110. My wife Beate and I also plan to attend. We will tow down our boat on Thursday from Abbotsford. Already checked with the harbor office for a spot because we will be a day early.

  111. MOVER is leaving Sidney on Friday 1000hrs. Travelling to Friday Harbor. We wait there for the tide to turn. Leave Friday at 1500 hrs. In order to take advantage of the currents our waypoints are:
    –Friday to the top of Lopez I.
    –Lopez to Thatcher Pass
    –Thatcher to Bellingham Channel
    — Bellingham Ch to the south side of Sinclair I.
    –Sinclair to Eliza I.
    –Eliza to Bellingham
    Distance to destination: 30 nm….5 hrs?
    ETA 2000 hrs

  112. Eleven boat’s attended
    Kitywake, DeeSeas, Gemini, 2Wisn’N, Later Mate, Mover, Windchime, Teacher’s Pet, MistASea, Katerina and Woman To Blame.
    Four Crews without their boats
    Cedar Wind, DragNFly, Saynomore, Rapture
    Thanks Kelvin for organizing the Pizza Party.
    The winds were up so the planned sailing in the Bay was limited to a few boats willing to bounce around for a short time.
    The Commodore’s “Cucumber is the New Cracker” Appy hour on Sunday was a great success and morphed into another great dock Party.

  113. Jeff, Jill, Morgan & Colby

    Jillybean will be there Mac-less. Hoping to arrive Friday night via Anacortes boat sling, but Saturday may be more likely.

  114. I would have put money on it that I had posted here our attending alas, I do not see it. My sincere, sincere apologies to all.

    Yes, if still allowed, my wife and I would love to attend this event. Our travels plans are still in flux and open to any suggestions. We would like to be there Friday and stay throughout and see what may, after Monday. i.e.. (If we’ve got our sea-legs about us yet?)

    Right now we have no passage plan and would love any input from the experts here.

    Lydia… I have one of your wine glasses from your set.
    I’m not exactly sure how I got it.
    But for now… I’m blaming Pete!
    lol 😉
    Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight.

  115. Later Mate planning to attend. Leaving Point Robert’s Friday evening around 4:30. Estimated arrival at Fossil Bay 7:30-8:00pm. Return home Sunday or Monday depending on weather.

    • Update for Later Mate…we are now planning to leave Point Roberts earlier at around 2 pm. We will be fighting the current but will get there with more time to spare before sunset. Should arrive at approximately 5pm.

  116. Michael Van Den Boomen

    Mike & Tracy Van Den Boomen from Kirkland, WA/Blue Glass likely to attend, depending upon weather and work. Leaving from Anacortes, WA either Thursday evening or Friday. We’ve made the trip numerous times and are comfortable in our passage and anchoring. Our shared email: Mobiles: Tracy: 425-463-5146/Mike: 206-300-0347.

  117. 7 boats and 1 crew on WhatsApp joined the Raft-Up this year.
    MistASea, 2Wish’n, Windchime, Gemini, Later Mate, Blue Glass and Jillybean (in their fishing boat). Bonnie Lass joined in on WhatsApp after having to turn around and go home to central Washington with tow vehicle problems. Saturday Potluck in the shelter was a great success but a sudden rainstorm cance3lled the Sunday Potluck. The rain stopped and a get together for desert and popcorn on Gemini and Windchime wrapped up the evening.

  118. We’d love to do the McFoulie cruise! Please sign us up. If there is only room for one of us that’s fine. John and Sharon « Puffin »

  119. We are interested in the McFoulie cruise.
    Brian and Anne-Marie Rapture

  120. If there is room on Sept 23rd I would love to join. Elaine – Later Mate

  121. I am scheduled to be around for this and would like to attend if this holds out.


  122. Interested in a spot or 2 any day please for Valerie

  123. I would like to go any day 23 or 24. Is it going to be in Blaine again?