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Brad Cargill

    I successfully installed on in my 26M. The heating unit is mounted on the starboard wall of the afterberth. It is on a platform secured to the hull. Platform is about 10 inches high. The heater is about 1 meter from the rear. The exhaust port is thru-hull is drilled as high as possible thru the transom. The exhaust loops up to make a trap. The fuel tank is mounted of the stbd wall of the engine well. The pump mounted inside. The exhaust tube is insulated with fibreglass heat tape. No muffler installed or needed. The heat duct routed thru the stbd seat along the top edge, exiting in the dinette. Extra CO alarm installed in the aft-berth. Heat blows toward the bow. No need for extra venting to the v-berth. Extras to buy. 1.5m exhaust, proper exhaust clamps, aluminum 3″ dryer venting 6′. Thru hull exhaust port, heat tape. It works wonderfully. Totally pleased. Can send pics, to an email if wanted.

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