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We launch and retrieve at Rocky Point typically several times a year on weekends. Generally no significant problems Some key points from our experience:

Launch early in the morning. The ramp gets busy by mid morning and finding a parking spot for the trailer becomes more difficult.

Plan the retrieval of the boat, considering that you cannot walk it on. Driving it onto at trailer is not easy, particularly in a cross wind:

Leave the rudders and swingboard down. Pull the swingboard up just as the bow goes over the backend of the trailer.

If you routinely retrieve at Rocky Point, add guides to the trailer that will keep the Mac lined up as it slides over the trailer

Don’t put the trailer too far into the water. It is easier to leave the trailer higher up, get the Mac straight onto the trailer, then back up another couple of feet to get it all the way on the trailer.

Retrieve later in the evening when things quite down.

Hope this helps

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