Reply To: New Outboard


    Looks like I need a 90 😉

    Cruising at 18kts and getting 1l per NM or 4mpg(us).

    Seriously I have 1 more prop to buy before I re-power. I have 400RPM I can give up for 2 more inches of pitch and still be in the recommended WOT RPM range. If that doesn’t prove reliable I’ll look for a bigfoot lower and I know exactly which props I’d use for that.

    BTW I bought a Michigan Wheel Vortex with the exchangeable hub and get my props through Tacoma propellor for under $100 without a hub.

    Right Now I’m running a 12.5x9p at 5950RPM WOT. I still want to try a 11.5x11p in the same series of prop, should be 5500RPM and hopefully over 16kts.

    Sorry for the total de-rail Darry. Just for the record This is our 4th season on our re-build and it’s running perfect and strong. I do fresh plugs, oil, and fuel filter every season. Have to do the impeller pronto but its still “going” strong


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