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Tattoo announces: No more 26 foot boats to be built and no 22 footers to be built until they find a new location.

Re: Tattoo 26 Production Suspended, factory relocating
Postby LMSharp » Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:53 am

I know there is a lot of curiosity about our plans for Tattoo Yachts.

As many of you know, we continued the family legacy of building trailerable boats, once Mary Lou and Roger MacGregor retired from production boat building.

Because California is no longer a viable place to build boats we looked farther afield. As the perfect location was hard to find we settled temporarily in Stuart, Florida in a building we planned to move on from in a year or so. Our short-term goal was to keep our dealers stocked with boats. Over two years later we had still not found an appropriate site, and at that point the molds for the Tattoo 26 were nearing the end of their useful life.

We faced two decisions- should we carry on in a building that was not adequate for our needs, and should we build a new set of molds or stop production of the Tattoo 26.

We decided not to build a new set of molds, as the current 26 has been in production for quite a long time now and every model eventually runs its course. We haven’t made a big announcement about it as that seems unfair to loyal dealers who have boats in stock.

We also made the decision not to carry on in the interim building. Starting a new production line from scratch, as we did with the Tattoo 26 in Florida, is an enormous undertaking, and it didn’t make sense to do it twice if we planned on moving soon.

As someone said a while back on the forum the process of relocating and setting up production is complicated, and may take a while. We don’t want to have to move twice.

And nope, we are not trying to build boats in a UPS store- the Palm Beach Gardens address is for mail only during the transition. Once we are back up and running we’ll use our physical address again and welcome visitors.

So here we are! Still actively looking for the right building to start the Tattoo 22, still supporting our current and prospective owners and dealers, but out of production for the near future.

Enjoy your boats!
Laura Sharpe (Roger MacGregor’s daughter)

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